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03 Apr 2021 22:04
Black trance poison: HPR thematically doesn't even make sense for any
background but nomad, so why this poison was selected to give that instead of
so many other more effective attributes is confusing. Curing hallucination,
making you poison immune, giving some sort of low level stun protection are
all much better and worthwhile attributes to have instead.

Bite of the black widow: From what I gather, this slows combat speed for one
round of the affected mob? Why not instead have it lower intrinsic poison
resist (similar to some minor nun cleanse) by 10-20% or relative to insight of
venom level. Put a high spell cost in, and have it last 30 minutes or so.

Familiar: As much as everyone loves chaos_weapon, etc...most of the attributes
are useless beyond chaos_weapon. The familiar has so much more potential to be
an external entity that can have effects on monsters and even do a little
melee. Also it would be nice for the amount of beastland rape to be reduced,
or once again and better yet, have it level more significantly from larger

Anyways, just my two cents.
-Le Fusah

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