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06 Apr 2021 11:33

We are happy to invite you all to take part in upcoming Arena tournament! As
of this moment you can take part in testing, honing your skills and developing
strategies for tournament. As stated in previous posts the quarterfinals,
semifinals and finals will be streamed in our livestream event but before the
qualification rounds begin, you have a chance to get a peak of what lays

You can connect to Arena realm using address port 23, updated
batclient should have option for selecting the realm. Use your main characters
name to enter the game. Upon entering the game new character is created from
template with predefined characteristics. This means everyone is equal in
terms of player power.

Password for newly created characters is blank, so I suggest you change your
password to something else, so we don't experience any misbehaviour..

Matches in Arena are not currently ranked, so defeats and victories don't
affect the ladder position in upcoming event yet (they are recorded and
possible shown for fame and glory later). This is mainly chance for everyone
to get used to character customization and build up tactics. If you encounter
any bugs or balancing issues, please contact Yours Truly..

Have fun and we hope to see you play for the prices on our livestream!

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