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19 Apr 2021 15:42
As mentioned during the Anniversary livestream, the second half of the
Together Event is now live.

The first half still works the same. Find shipments randomly spread around
BatMUD, give them to the special new NPCs in the Efiilas, Feldspar and Syggax
camps, and you plus everyone else in the game gets a stacking stat boost that
lasts until reboot.

But now, the second half. The three factions are trying to expand into hostile
territory. Give them enough weapons and armour shipments, and they?ll send
soldiers to try to claim one of two locations they?ve been scouting (the
locations are shown in the base camps). Once a total of five of each go to the
same faction, and this will provoke a powerful enemy to come out to fight.

These new eq mobs are like many of my others, in that players should get
credit for killing them by putting in the effort, not just landing the final
blow. They also regen out of combat like mad, more than most. This can be
handled in a variety of ways, including having multiple parties harassing the
monster in a tag-team. Even low-level players can therefore contribute to the
event by making ?suicide runs? to distract the monsters from self-healing to
full. Also the previously-mentioned equipped soldiers can stand in as
placeholders, keeping the monsters occupied ? but these soldiers are far
weaker than a highbie and won?t last forever, and there?s a finite number of

Killing one of these new event monsters has a chance to give several items.
Most importantly are the armour tokens and the stat orbs. The tokens have a
given slot (such as ?torso? or ?both arms?) and the orbs have a given stat
(such as ?int? or ?dam?). These tokens and orb can be traded to anyone else
whose name is on them (which could be dozens of players). You might also get a
sacred shard, which are not tradable.

Once you have a slot/stat combo you like, you can take it to a special forge
(not currently in the game, waiting for the bosses to be kill-tested first)
and make them into wearable armour. Doing so makes a piece of eq only you can
use, taking the listed slots and having the listed stat. This eq lasts through
May. You can then spend ten sacred shards to make it ?permanent? which means
they last the usual event lifespan (yes yes halfstats). Basically, make as
much eq as you want, then make the one(s) you like the most permanent. Special
note, any eq that gives a bonus to a skill or spell also slightly reduces the
ep/sp cost of that skill when actively used or spell when cast.

Each of the three factions has two bosses they can provoke, one at reboot and
one twelve hours after reboot. These randomly flip every day, so everyone can
eventually kill every boss. Different event bosses have different stat orbs
they drop, but they should all drop armour tokens for every slot.

The point of this event, more than most, is to encourage community
participation. If it works like I intended, the monsters get MUCH easier to
kill, and the rewards far more useful, the more players are involved in
killing them. If there?s a slot or two in your set that you?re not thrilled
with, now?s the time to find a customizable, indestructible item to fill that
slot. Failing that, if there?s an ally of yours whose set is incomplete, now?s
the time to help them out. Finally, successfully defeating the event bosses
will be all the excuse I need to add faction ?branch camps? that will offer
services I haven?t decided yet, but will probably include rapid travel.

The event is scheduled to run for two weeks, including the weekend of May 1
and 2.

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