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30 Apr 2021 13:41
Hello hello!
As many of you probably know, Tiamat globes are basically a yet another
annoying by-product of Tiamat runs: They explode, typically causing death and
loss of luck, and the party killing the mob needs to get rid of them by
throwing them to other players.

Now, it seems like the current modus-operandi is to just pick someone from the
who-list in a semi-random fashion and throw the globes at them. The issue with
this approach is that it basically forces these random targets to take part in
the eq run without any of the benefits.

So here's my proposition to make the situation nicer for these people: Choose
your target in advance and negotiate to pay 150k (or whatever you decide) per
globe you send. Just add these additional costs to the price of the EQ you sell
later on if needed.

(Of course wizzes could also just remove the globe feature altogether or
replace it with something else.)

I know that presently there is probably no incentive for the party to do this
since there is nothing in the game mechanics that would prevent the current
approach which is of course less hassle for them. However, there are also many
other things that are not forced by the game but are generally accepted as good
etiquette (don't pkill for no reason, don't cheat in sales, etc.) and people
who break this etiquette will probably face consequences. Perhaps compensation
for globe sending could also become a part of this etiquette at some point?

Anyway, Glada Vappen to everyone! :)

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