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02 May 2021 22:22
At reboot, at the Efiilas camp (for now), you can use leftover sacred dukonium
shards for either of these purposes:

1) _AFTER_ accepting a task, you may ask about the sacred scrap you're
carrying. If you have one, the task should be auto-completed. This can be used
to save time, or to get past tasks you don't particularly care for. The task
reward is not changed (i.e. maybe save these for the hard stuff).

2) You can take a shard to the quartermaster and donate it. In exchange,
you'll get a small package of supplies but no Favor. Chief amongst these
supplies is a potion that's a small hp/sp/ep heal, removes many
poisons/addictions/curses, and is a minor youth effect. These potions cannot
be used in combat, and have a 15-minute lockout.

If mortals have other ideas for "scrap dump" let me know. Unused orbs and
tokens can only be used at the forge -- no additional functionality will be

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