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07 Jun 2021 07:55
Ok, so this is really more of a wtf is going on sort of thing with the
essence canisters. I'll ask again, please make available a 50-slot

Next. I just spent the last little while categorizing the essences I have
by color and weight in a spreadsheet and figuring out that I can fit all
the blue and all the green in 1 25-slot canister and the red and black
then fit into a second canister. Unfortunately this revealed some
weirdness with both the canisters and wtih the Refinery workbench.

So I had juggled around the essences sorting by weight and by the name
of the essence as listed in the Refinery and started storing them 1 at
a time in a canister in alphabetical order. Acid, Asphyxiation, Bash prot,
etc, etc. As I'd store the essence I'd insert the canister into the
Refinery and check to make sure it was the correct one. Thats when
I noticed that regardless of what order you put the essences into
the canister, the Refinery would display them how it wanted to, with
no apparent rhyme or reason. Once all the blue essences were stored I
started to store the green ones, and lo and behold the canister didn't
just add them to the bottom of the list of essences, it started
interleaving the green essences into the blue ones when you looked
at the canister, and of course the Refinery did its own jiggery pokery
with the displaying order. I don't understand why these particular
containers and workbenches work the way they do. Other containers and
workbenches all follow a logic that is relatively easy to figure out and
these don't seem to follow any logic whatsoever.

The next annoyance is with the displaying the essences when you inspect the
Refinery. I'll paste what bugs me here.
Pntr electricity [:|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ] 0/ 110g
Ep [:|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ] 0/ 137g [10000g]
Pntr asphyxiation [:|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ] 0/ 110g

Well, it looks like the word wrap did its thing with the total weights on
the 2 penetration lines, but as you can see though, the meter bar is kicked
over several characters. Why not make the print statement pad out far
enough to deal with 'Pntr asphyxiation' so that everything lines up in
the display? It would look neater and not feel so slap-dash.

I realise that probably its because of the (now) outdated concept of the
80-column display, but I can't imagine anybody playing with just that
anymore. Perhaps allow those lines to use the 'cutter' setting when
dealing with wrapping text.

I guess thats it for now, perhaps I can keep my OCD tamped down a bit
for a while ;)

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