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05 Jul 2021 09:59
Straight to the point.
I think removing players in this day and age is stupid.

We all love this game and want it to _GROW_. Removing
players, who have invested years into the game, as a
punishment is both cruel and counterproductive to growth.
There must be better ways?

As for players, its 2021, this level of hypocricy and
racism is so archaic and should go.

The next time you rat on your fellow players, effectively
harming the game, think about this:
- Have you ever robotted an eq monster special or attended
a party where the leader does it?
- Have you ever accepted goods from a merchant or alchemist?
News flash: they were robotted.
- Have you ever robotted disciple/bard/nun/tarm/druid/whatnot
reputation or partied with someone who has?
- Have you ever abused a guild while knowing its unbalanced?
- Have you ever bought inf orbs from No^C^C someone who
must have robotted them?
- Are you really doing this because of the "rules"? Or for
envy and hoping to remove some competition?

... just to name a few. Don't be hypocrites and just rat on
people who dont speak the same language as you.
Better yet, don't rat at all, just solve the problem.

Here's the conundrum: do we make this into a snitch-fest
and wreck the game? Continue with this redneck behaviour?
Or start finding solutions?

ps. we need more chinese players.
For the record, none of the items I have produced as merchant or alchemist
were botted. Not a single one.

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15 Dec 2021 07:11
Wait.. what? you can robot merchant work? do you have a guide?

1y, 358d, 8h, 39m, 3s old