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21 Jul 2021 03:12
So, the UHB quests are taking a while because I kinda lost my notes.

While I retrace my steps, there's a new area called the Feldspar Lab that will
take its place for now. Head for they Syggax camp, find the portal, and head
on in.

Once inside, you have 15 minutes to sabotage as much as possible. Steal
research, kill staff and break things to raise your completion percent, then
head for the (heavily-guarded) exit. There's a variety of ways to handle the
obstacles inside. Preparation is key.

Like other UHB quests, this one's solo, and you can run the Feldspar Lab
once/day. Let me know about bugs and other issues, but bear in mind this guy's
a placeholder until I finish something more conventional.

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