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13 Aug 2021 16:19
he lands around Shadowkeep are thriving, our villages growing into towns
and towns into cities.

Timber is in high demand, and although woodcutting trade is an arduous way
to make a living, the profits are lucrative enough to attract plenty of
work force.

This was to be yet another woodcutting enterprise to bring in much-needed
fuel for the growth of the land, and so our caravan of woodcutters made
the journey to the untouched woods and set a camp in an old aspen forest.

Little did we know that sharp eyes were watching our every move from

The woodcutting operation progressed, and we ventured ever deeper into
the forest.

Alas, we went too far.

When the attack came, it was swift and brutal.

Many lost their lives. Us survivors are setting up defences in a destitute
attempt to hold back the inevitable.

But while we may soon be dead, we'll take as many of the fiends with us as
we can! For Shadowkeep!

They thought we were mere creatures of fables. Campfire stories to scare
the children with. But sometimes the stories turn out to be real.

Secluded in the high mountains we slowly grew in number. Hunting in the
vast forests we grew in strength. Soaring high in the open skies we see
anyone unfortunate enough to wander into our territory and we make sure
the intruder never lives to tell the tale of us.

But this time they were too many. The invasion called for a bloody
retaliation, and we showed no mercy on the human dregs.

Our attack managed to push the enemy back, but the cost to our flight
was dear. The humans are not surrendering, and reinforcements have surely
been sent for.

Us harpies have kept our nesting grounds safe this far, but destruction
has come to our lands. And now our demise looks unavoidable.

But so long as blood runs in our veins and the wind guides our flight, we
shall give them hell!

Introducing a new playable race - the harpy - and a new area in
southwestern Rothikgen.

The area features two factions locked in combat - the Langdale woodcutters
and the Windshriek flight of harpies. Even in the bitterest of conflicts
there is rarely a singular faction at fault, and thus players can provide
aid to either side, earning the praise of one and the animosity of the

Race and area design by Nina and Gore. Art by Livia. Tuning by Juggelo.
Bug reports to Gore.

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