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BatMUD Forums > Inform > In Memoriam - Matti "Juggelo" Virtanen

07 May 2022 23:20
With deep sorrow the administration of BatMUD announces the untimely
passing of Matti "Juggelo" Virtanen. Matti passed away on May 6th 2022
after a period of illness.

Matti was an active member of BatMUD's administration for many years.
He became a wizard in 2002, joined the ranks of Archwizards a few years
later and most recently he served as the vice chairman of the Balanced
Alternative Techniques ry board.

He was a tremendously talented developer, a master of game balance, and
his strong vision contributed greatly to BatMUD.

Matti was also an integral part of our community. A frequent attendee at
conventions, he could often be found passionately discussing game topics
around the campfire or in the sauna.

And to many of us he was much more - a dear and valued friend. Words
cannot describe our feeling of loss and emptiness, but we take solace that
the memories of the great times together will remain.

++ The Administration of BatMUD

In the days to come we will post an update on how the BatMUD community can
honor his memory.

A r c h w i z a r d
21y, 302d, 22h, 52m, 41s old
600 [Wizard]