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09 May 2022 14:14
1) The Mystic belt's 100-slot herb jar will now be 3 or 4 columns when filled
to make it easier to read.
2) The trigger to admiring a statue is "did you buy an Event prize" which
means any player who did can admire any player's statue. Yeah, kind of a
strange message was happening, so it's now always possible to admire your own
statue. Buy a prize and you can admire others' too.
3) You can now thwap other players.
4) The name "Xoff Rendrag" is "Gardner F. Fox" backwards. Fox is the fantasy
author believed to be the first to use the term "lich".
5) The phylactery prize is no longer available. Their main point was killing
The Lich, who is now gone. Replacement shopkeepers have replaced this item
with the Lich's crown, a +cha 50-slot gem tube.
6) The Dungeon will remain open for some time. Completing (or bypassing) the
Dungeon will lead you to a _remnant_ of The Lich, a much weaker version of the
same monster.

The Lich's remnant is more of a standard monster than an Event monster (i.e.
no kill sharing, drops non-upgradable eq, short anti-abuse timer, etc).
Killing the Lich remnant can create a soul fragment. Ten soul fragments create
an intact Lich soul, which in turn, can upgrade a Phylactery that hasn't been
upgraded yet.

I don't know how long the Dungeon will remain open. Possibly indefinitely,
considering the items within (like the Gauntlet of Might and spell scrolls)
only work in the Dungeon.

I hope most of you enjoyed the Phylactery Event. The prizes will last the
usual 12 months until their stats get cut in half and their special effects
turned off. Well, not the belt or the crown, those will remain storage items.

Shinarae "Talisman" Lluminus

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