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31 Jul 2022 21:11
Hi, few ideas regarding elec & cold type specials:

Magnetic levitation:
This spell is rarely useful, could the hurl syntax actually hit mobs in the
same way as psi's "telekinetic whirlwind" or "kinematic projection"? Also the
levitating objects shouldn't randomly drop while "in transit" as they seem to
sometimes do.

Unless you run out of sps ofc. If you can trust it like floating disc it would
be much more useful already.

Create Frost Weapon: As far as I've tested out it creates magical maces which
hit quite badly and are pretty much useless. Now if we could select the weapon
type created it would be much more useful.

Touch of glacial winds: As it's effect is "rep limited" and the casting time
is too long this spell is quite useless. Now if it would work on every mob
(like degenerate person) but the effect would be cold essence based it would
make much more sense.

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