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20 Sep 2022 23:13
Would be interesting to have a proving grounds..
that is, an area with varied single player challenges with progressing
difficulty. So you'd have one challenge being single enemy combat without any
abilities, another would be multi-enemy combat, spell casters etc.

The goal would be to get a sense of what players are capable of and if
events were to be designed.. possibly mob numbers could be derived from a
good mud average of personal success. Time could be considered as well..
assuming that even tho someone is capable of killing a mob of XXX size.. they
probably won't want to take 45 min to do it.

Of course there'd have to be motivation for players to actually do this sort
of thing so I thought you could come up with reward brackets that motivate
players to try to push higher. Possibly make the area No-tune as well ..
though limit players to 1 attempt per area per day.. something like that

I'm guessing it's not a stretch for the game to keep track of numbers when
it comes to a players abilities.. Perhaps put in a monthly or weekly reward
that references your reward bracket.. like a lot of mobile games use to
keep players coming back. Rewards would motivate people to keep trying and
keep their numbers up to date.

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