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12 Feb 2023 23:02
4) Make bigger monsters have bigger impact on the soul worth currently it
seems, (to mortal eye), just to calculate the total level of monsters drained.
This results in smaller monsters (faster kill speed) to be way better to gain
stats fast. Suggestion: Recode soul formula to some sort of exponetial value
of level divided by some number that normalizes the gain so that you would
gain some value from 5-10 level mobs (granted they're not inferior for you)
and much more from high level monsters. For example it could be like
monsterlevel^2/10 so it would result in soul worth per level be something
Monster_level Soul_worth Worth_in_lvl10_mobs
1 0.1 1/100
5 2.5 1/4
10 10 1
20 40 4
30 90 9
40 160 16
50 250 25
60 360 36
Point in this: killing bigger stuff is _always slower_ but should be
rewarded. Of course the tuning would needed to be done so that you'd still
need to grind months, if not years to gain formidable stats.

- Tune lich stat gain to encourage killing bigger mobs, cap stats at for
example 60wis (so you could still gain the 'best wisdom', but nothing
unbalancingly good via years of grind)
- Reinc would still hinder your lich progress, but in the form of "regaining"
you'd still reach your old power eventually
- Phylactery wouldn't be such "a must have yet unattainable"
*exact numbers subject to archwizard tuning*
-Sincerely, Broe

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