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28 Apr 2023 23:08
To expand further on the Griffon part I took as example in my previous post I
received some questions. The only Griffon that is strong enough for Animists to
use as mounts are the "Hoar Frost Gryphon" -
They are incredible rare to find (I spent 2h yesterday and managed to find one
at the end) and also very valuable as mounts for Knights and Beastmasters, tho
- they get to keep theirs and they have a very high price tag associated with
them due to the rarity.

The issue I am trying to highlight is that finding them is a task in itself.
Majestic and Ferocious griffons are mostly to weak to challenge for mounts
(average is strongest with the rare occasional above average but that is/seems
to be the cap from soulspeak).
With the fix a few years back that you can't jump several levels when conjuring
I can't see they being used at all.

Would it not be "okay" to add a minor tweak to say Majestic ones to
at least have the chance to be a stronger spirit? They are still not very easy
to find while the Ferocious ones are more common.
Finding a hoar frost one, challenging them to get an awesome or if lucky divine
spirit, conjuring them twice for mounts is simply not worth it which in turn
means (at least for me, wont be using them, which is sad when you spent years
getting to this level.)

It would be nice with some feedback on this if this is indeed intended. Anyone
that repped animist to these levels know it is a GRIND. especially with the
daily cap of mount rep you can get per day.

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