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28 Jun 2023 19:43
For sale: DWN Sloop Prinz Eugen, newly built Class2 ship. Features:

-Cargo hold, console and Captains cabin, two Sailor crew quarters
-'fancyname' luxury bought (for a cool two-part name)
-Three Sailor Trainers onboard, one Farseer
-no Navigator or other crew atm

With three Sailor trainers, you can start training your Sailors towards rank7
immediately, making the ship much faster in high seas. All you need to do is
hire navigator and other sailors, and the ship is ready to sail.
This is a fine way for anyone to start their Captaining career, you can either
sail it as it is (C2 is quite fast once the crew is trained to Rank 7),
or hire a Shipwright to rebuild it into a larger vessel.

Asking price 1.1M gold. HOWEVER, newbies might get a nice discount! (I'll make
a judgement myself who is a newbie)

This beautiful example of strong Germanic shipbuilding can be seen at Daerwon
Go check it out & realize your sailing dreams!

1y, 213d, 23h, 50m, 39s old
28 Jun 2023 20:07
Ship sold! Man that was fast, I'm selling these too cheap!

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