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11 Sep 2023 18:00
About eight years ago (seems like infinity, especially if you tip eight over)
we had a hackathon. We rented a cabin, invited some of our finest wizards,
got a lot of rejections and then ended up spending time with the regular
bunch of bozos! Wow, time to tune out the inner voice and move back to the
outer one.

Anyway, if you were around about 8 years ago, a marvelous catfolk related
area was introduced to the game by the first group, while the other group
managed to create nothing complete. Why this happened remains a mystery,
but several culprits were named: too ambitious plans, lack of cohesion,
lack of time, lack of alcohol, briefly..a lot of lacks. Or as one of the
true legends of the game, Juggelo, so aptly put it back then: lack of
Heidel in our team.

While the other team had this benefit - and while he is certainly not the
only reason they got something done - his presence sure would have helped
our team. Since then our team has shattered: some became retired, some
became mortals, some became mad just thinking about the project and the
the project called Northrend Marauders faded into the darkness like
Lord Voldemort, never to be named again.

So, for years this incomplete area has lingered in several directories.
Some of the rooms will continue to do so after this also, but I've
modified my parts to create something new with relatively little effort
just to put something into the game.

Thus, without drum rolls, rituals or other mummeries, I give to you
Holgar's head: one of the villages at the northern shores of Laenor and
level quest 33 to go with it. Let me know about the bugs once you
encounter them.


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