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09 Dec 2006 03:25
Simplistic post from a tired guy.

Q: Where am I?
A: You start off on the southwestern shore of Laenor. By proceeding east-
wards you will find Arelium (where many of the former batcity residents
have taken refuge) and Sanctium (basically Pleasantville).

Q: What happen?
A: Bat realm sunk into the ocean. Players evacuated on board ships and
sailed to the east. There they found a new land, which will now be their
home. Alas, the land is already settled and as exiles, you will have to
fit in with the local population.

Q: How many continents are there?
A: Currently 5, of which 3 are populated and 2 are more wilderness.

Q: My pcity and chests are gone! Is my life ruined?
A: The pcities still exist, and are reachable via portals. The goal is that
once the initial chaos has passed, pcity owners will be able to place
their pcities on the new maps.

Q: Will you publish maps?
A: At this stage we have published a few artistic scetches of the realms.
We will not immediately release accurate maps of the new realms, but
instead encourage you to explore the continents (and find suitable pcity
spots). Eventually we may release detailed maps, atleast of the more
civilized continents.

Q: Where is batcity?
A: Batcity is below the ocean. Many of its citizens drowned. The survivors
have mainly taken refuge in Arelium, the capital of Agathoria, a human
kingdom on the continent of Laenor.

Q: When can I continue playing?
A: This weekend has been reserved for testing and implementing this major
change. We hope to have things stabilised during next week, after which
pcity placement and access to areas will commence.

Q: How can I get to the other continents? Can I swim there?
A: Swimming is not recommended. The oceans are full of danger and nobody
has ever returned from such a swimmingtrip. The use of ships is

Q: Why was this change done? I like the small/old system much better.
A: For multiple reasons:
- Batrealm lacked any coherent plotlines that would extend across
multiple areas. The new realms give us better opportunities to invent
new content.
- Intercontinental travel and trade will play an important part in
the future.
- Highlevel content (and outdoor encounters) can better be placed
in highbie-only continents.
- Cooler, more realistic maps than the crude batmap.
- Better mapsystem (which supports full RGB colors and individual
lightsources) when used with MXP clients or the Batclient.
- Making remote locations truly remote and encouraging the use of
alternative travel methods.
- More detailed weather/seasonal system. More possibilities for
global events etc etc etc...

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