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08 Dec 2006 17:50


After word of what had occured at Shadowkeep had reached the other denizens
of the Realm, a swarm of events occured simultaneously. Set aside the nature's
majestic displays of a Catalysm thorought the Realm - there was pillaging,
desperate battles, incredibly heroic deeds, sheer panic, cries of valiant
defense, a finding of temporary shelter - a clash of life, life trying to
expand, survive and eventually take its place; each to their own ends.

A brutal removal of a whole city and its lands was no small feat, what had
caused this was unclear, yet there was speculation whether this was the Keep's
demise, a complete destruction or a salvation, solution to an unforeseen
occurence. Only those left within would know, if they were alive, still.

However, shortly after this, Archwizards, wizards and other high mages of
arcane talents were spotted travelling hastily within the kingdoms,
teleporting through dimension doors, hurling through the world in fiery
chariots and by activating ancient gates, hard at work. Everywhere they went,
barriers, shelters and enormous spherelike shields rose all about the Realms,
protecting life and the Realm's most valuable artifacts. But just then the
world began sinking, swirling into the depths of the Oceans...swallowing

They had all been there. The lord of seafaring, Melemkor had been there, the
high archwizard Gore had been there, it was rumoured that Lord Shadowstring
had been there, even the youngling wizard Noctur, amongst countless others,
Favorit, Malar, Grimsh, Qazar, Merri, Souc,.. - they had all been there.

Still, it was not enough. The City of Bat fell, plunging down into the
depths, forever swalloved by the Seas.

Mortals had scrambled towards whatever galleons, frigates, makeshift rafts,
even logs they could possibly embark upon. The seafare had been a struggle in
which no spell or skill was left unused, exhausting even the mightiest of
druids and tiring the strongest of cavaliers.

Finally land was found, far, far on the eastern ends of the known world.
Then the winds had ceased. It was almost peaceful now.


You stand upon a shore, where lush, populated plains and forests surround
the vicinity. Now as an exile, relying on the gratitude and hospitability of
the inhabitants of this new land, Laenor some call it, you must find your
place within the Realm once again.

As the bards had been singing their continuous, rejuvenating ballads,
profound relief had spread within the travellers upon the sighting of land.
Many had instantly claimed it was the bardic knowledge and art that finally
led you to safety; the old and wise said it was the spirit of Aarugotti which
was watching over them protectively, guiding them, sparing them all.

A smile spread to a ghostly figure's lips. His children were abroad.

His work, for now, was done.

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