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22 Mar 2010 21:36
Ages ago, when the world was a calmer place, there was a temple that contained
a great source of power. The clergy of that temple were the caretakers of that
power, and they lent it to those who proved they deserved it most. Some days
it was the necromancers, others the paladins, some days even the legionaires.
But such powers always draw attention, and one day half a century ago, demons
flooded the temple. All the clergy were lost, and the only remnants of that
power is a simple altar in the adventurer's guild. Then, the face of the world
changed, and the temple of Aljerak was assumed lost forever.

But nothing stays lost forever. Soon, the temple will return. With no clergy
to guide it, the power will go to whichever group demonstrates that they are
the strongest, the smartest, the most dangerous. By skill and by spell,
mortals will decide which guild will be known as the greatest as they invade
the temple and lay waste to its occupants.

This is more than a fast and brutal rush for land and power.

This is...

For BatMUD's 20th anniversary, a special one-shot event is planned, named for
the baddest of the badasses ever to grace BatMUD. Some of BatMUD's strongest
guilds will take turns breaking into the temple, killing the monsters inside,
and defeating the temple's boss before time runs out. The guild that proves it
is the best will be awarded a permanent stat bonus to the guild itself, while
other prizes will be awarded to individual participants.

Here are the rules:
1) There are three runs per day, at 19:00, then 3:00, then 11:00 server time
(in that order). When the front doors open, players have exactly one hour to
enter, reach the boss, and kill him.
2) Points will be awarded for speed, style, completion, and based on how many
people of the correct guild were involved.
3) Monsters will be tailored towards the guild whose turn it is.
4) It will require five (5) mortals of the maximum guild level to open the
door to the temple's boss. Failing to have the required number means the boss
cannot be accessed or killed.
5) While each run is based on a specific guild, anyone is allowed to enter the
temple. Subcontracting is allowed and expected. For example, tarmies are
expected to be in every run, since killing large monsters without a healer is
nearly impossble.
6) Conversely, you are allowed to interfere with the event, doing such things
as healing monsters. Bear in mind, however, that the other players are real
and any consequences of your actions remain after the event is over.
7) Each guild involved will have three tries, one at 19:00, one at 3:00, and
one at 11:00. That means everyone in every time zone should, in theory, be
able to attend at least one of the runs for their guild. If you can't...sorry,
but you can always help your friends and they'll owe you big time.

That said, here is the current schedule:
April 1 and 2: Open participation. Anyone may enter, no guild gets points.
This time is mostly used for bugfixing. Prizes will be awarded in the form of
cash, exp, and other non-guild-specific things.
April 3: Reavers, Merchants, Mage
April 4: Druid, Barbarian, Psi
April 5: Crimson, Priest, Bard
April 6: Nun, Squire, Reaver
April 7: Merchant, Mage, Druid
April 8: Barbarian, Psi, Crimson
April 9: Priest, Bard, Nun
April 10: Squire, Reaver, Merchant
April 11: Mage, Druid, Barbarian
APril 12: Psi, Crimson, Priest
April 13: Bard, Nun, Squire
APril 14: Winner Announced

The guilds were chosen by factors such as popularity, rank amongst the elite,
value in BatMUD's history, and balanced participation by backgrounds. Not all
guilds get to participate, but this way the most total high-level players will
be involved.

More details, such as location, will follow.

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