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Library: A Dark Castle Conspiracy


Author: pokka
Date:Apr 9 2007

I had for a long time heard rumours of a conspiracy being underway 
against Commander Maximillian of Dark Castle. I made it my task to 
unravel this sinister plan and to find out what was going on.

So onwards i rode my steed to the Dark Castle, situated in the 
Highlands in southern Laenor.

Arriving at the castle i soon encountered A young guide, lounging
by the entrance. After asking him for some help he handed me a map 
of the Castle. Following the map I quickly found my way along the 
castle corridors and soon after exploring the castle fully, I found 
myself facing Commander Maximillian, the Dark Knight himself.

The Commander was not too interested in my inquieries so I moved 
along, not wanting to disturb this fearsome Dark Knight and maybe 
even loosing my head for my insolence. 

Leaving Maximillians office I stumbled into Kylie the cleaner of 
the castle, who stood silently sobbing outside the Commanders office.

Kylie sobs: 'The commander is so mean to me when I clean his office.'
Kylie sniffs: 'Help me out, please! You seem so nice.'
Kylie sobs 'He is mean and calls me names, help me get back at him!'

after listening to the girls plea for help and being all entranced 
by her red hair(I love redhaired women), I decided to offer her my

Kylie had come up with a great plot! The Commander has a weakness 
for cheesecake and some poison in the cake might just do the trick.
After asking Kylie for more details she told me Chiark, the castle's 
magician has all kinds of bottles and potions. so i headed out in 
search of cheesecake and poison.

I met up with Chiark in his study and asked him about poisons. He 
clearly stated he was carrying a poison bottle, but he wouldn't 
part with it, so I decided to rid this world of the Evil i saw in 
After a short display of both my Bardic might and porowess in bladed
combat, I disposed of this evil mages corpse and got the poison!
Now on to finding a cheesecake.....

I proceeded downstairs to the kitchen and found myself talking to the 
castle's cook Mathias. He was glad to bake me a cheesecake if I could
take care of the ratproblem pestilencing the castle cellars. Quickly I 
flushed the cellar from all rats and returned to Mathias. He then 
instructed me to get a bottle of wine and some baking powder.

'Wine...' I thought.'Priests and clerics have wines in their chapels!'
Realizing this I proceeded forth to the chapel and found Father Salvatore, 
the castle's priest. he wouldn't let me inside the chapel's backroom so I
regretfully had to dispose of him. Searching the backroom I found what I 
was looking for: A bottle of Villa Antinori. Now where to find baking powder?
I hadn't come across any in the kitchen...

Wandering around the castle I found myself wetting my feet in the castle's
laundryrooms. After asking Aria, the laundry room overseer abotu some 
assistance she informed me she had hid some unknown powder in one of her 
office drawers. I quickly retrieved the powderbox and went to the kitchen.

Mathias was overwhelmed with joy and started baking me the cake while 
drinking the wine, that bastard didn't share a drop!

Now with a cheesecake and poison in tow I went to the cleaning lady who 
thanked me and poured the poison in the cake and went to serve the Commander.
With great joy Maximillian downed the cake and went all green while writhing 
from the poison in his veins. With a great roar The Dark Knight was no more.