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Known major bugs in Bats & Slovenian War Heroes - Mon 07 Sep 2015
A big bug in rules!!

During "character creation" every player should draw 2-4cards from each explore card and loot card deck. The amount of cards drawn during character creation will affect on player power from the start. Each player should receive same amount of cards at start to make start even
Amd Amd
Time to spare - Sun 30 Aug 2015
Seems I've got some time on my hands at the moment, and thought I'd get my creative juices going on here, a place I know and love. I'll be working on a new area in the next few weeks and hopefully you'll like the result once it's released. Still a long road but I've set the intention and publicised
Moss Moss
Bats & Slovenian War Heroes! - Sun 26 Apr 2015
Journey to the Gala:
It was in middle of the fall 2014, when Capula told me he had an idea concerning a B.A.T. mud card game. It was a good idea and we worked to get card listings and game mechanics together during few brainstorm sort of meetings with Capula. We also had tons of conversations over
Amd Amd
progress - Thu 12 Jun 2014
So I've made significant progress with some new features in the riftwalker guild. Been a bit of a struggle over the last week; got the motivation to do some dev for BatMUD then a freak tumble in my jiu jitsu training meant much pain, and some powerfully nice painkillers. Back on track now, and expec
Moss Moss
A thief in the night... - Thu 16 Jan 2014
This is a story about intrigue, treachery and the brave souls who stood up to protect the defenseless against the creeping influx of evil.


Once upon a time, not too long ago, the idyllic realm was quiet. Monsters had been vanquished in faraway lands, loot had been hoarded and the epic tale
Gore Gore