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Library: Bs is stranger than fiction


Author: capula
Date:Apr 21 2007

Group: bs (#5332/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 1h, 32min and 39s)
Subject: virtual reality tv, some kind atleast
Date: Sun Nov 14 22:26:33 2004
Rating: 3 Votes: 5

As many of you rember I recently posted idea about
council of mortals and arches. I swear that the
following words are true even the story would sound
how bizarre!

From: XXX
Date: Fri Dec 13 09:48:44 2002
Subject: (join us)
Me and my few fellows have created ss called
werule+ and we are planning to take over the
controls of batmud! Our plan is to gather huge
amount of 100 lvl players and then suddenly
wizz them all!

After that we have such stong foothold among
wizardery that we can start our shemes against
the very archewizards!

Please contact me, and I promise you the status
of virtual god!
Inbox 178(178) ?

After reading this I was bit confused but seriously
interested. I couldnt resist the temptation and
my curiousity made me to answer that letter.

grande scheme will continue on my next letter...

Group: bs (#5333/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 1h, 50min and 5s)
Subject: truth is stranger than fiction
Date: Sun Nov 14 22:59:41 2004
Rating: 3 Votes: 5

I was little wondered about what to write him
back. I congratulated my new friend for his bold
plan and reported being cladly new member.

From: XXX
Date: Thu Dec 19 21:59:27 2002
Subject: awe! le immortal
Congratulations for fine decision. Meanwhile
I have cathered nine members and i have
chosen a different guildmaster role in the
new era of batmud! Heres list of your duties:

XXX "speed commander", orders the troops for
rushing at certain shinaraes areas and even
keeping battle hold there if needed.

Capula "chief of newbie extortion", gains
valuable income by threatening newbies at
areas like newbiemountains and force them
to pay taxes from enchant armour scrolls and
(first I was pretty dissapointed for such status
but then thought it again and noticed that who
wouldnt want to be chief of secret police. My
brains started working evil scheme.)

xxx "trickster planner", crashes the material
exhanges economy. Plan isnt ready yet, but
I hope our new trickster planner will solve
it out.

Rest of ranks I havent invented you but I will
grant those more in the near future.

Behold! Our time will come!
Inbox 201(201) ?

I felt great after such promotion and went
to sleep happily. To be continued...

Group: bs (#5335/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 2h, 47min and 17s)
Subject: Shivers feel good (1/2)
Date: Mon Nov 15 00:01:03 2004
Rating: 1 Votes: 3

From: XXX
Date: Thu Dec 23 21:29:37 2002
Subject: game has begun!
Come to anipas castle room at 22.00
ps! be there or dont be late atleast
Inbox 221(221) ?

I was thrilled. This would be the night
of my new godhood:) Well, maybe not that,
but something that I surely wanted to find

This is Anipa's test castle. Enter at your own risk!
Wooden door (closed) leads west.
Obvious exits are: n, s, e, u, d and out.
XXX the Ogre < .+!werule!+. >
XXX the Troll < .+!werule!+. >
Hp:1241/1241 Sp:38/38 Ep:402/402 Exp:2760 Kg:63 >

Oh great! Whole tree members. I was little
dissapointed, but my curiousity kept me waiting
what will come.

XXX [party]: Heya, too bad we miss some members,
but we shall recruit more troops later.
XXX [party]: reason we are here is that this is the
only room where wizards cant snoop us. This room
is in ANIPAS directory. And to make it totally
safe i have luckily three rod of channelings and
we can create own channel here. If that doesnt shrug
snooppers off, then what would?

XXX gave us rods and we had little break for reading
instructions which happened to be pretty difficult.

XXX [werule]>> we rule and rock!
XXX [werule]>> Yeah, we kick as!!! (me)
XXX [werule]>> we are the best!
XXX [werule]>> not so fast brothers! im asking first
reports from the field officers. First Capula, chief
of newbie extortion.
Capula [werule]>> Thank you. First Id like to point
that you dont find enchant armour scrolls from
newbiemountains and for that reason incomes would
be pretty low. But I solved that those quite surely
are found from newbie mines.

Group: bs (#5337/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 2h, 47min and 17s)
Subject: Shivers feel good (2/2)
Date: Mon Nov 15 00:02:21 2004
Rating: 3 Votes: 5

XXX [werule]>> oh great! I have magical eq which
gives you ability to weight items and even the players!
Capula [werule]>> Hmm, so I stand top of mines guardin
who is going in and coming out.
xxx [werule]>> Yes, and then weighing their weight when
going in and coming out and taxing the difference.
Capula [werule]>> Many thanks for this artifact, Im
pretty sure that alex amu cant weigh players, but
I try to find out something nasty for heads of the newbies.

Suddenly! XXX arrives from out. We got new member who has
got lost while trying to find this castle. But as we were
pretty solidar ss, we forgive him and invited to our party.
We couldnt invite him to rod channel because we didnt have
more rods. Not good start for this new fellow.

To be continued...

Group: bs (#5341/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 3h, 38min and 34s)
Subject: i bet its captain nemo
Date: Mon Nov 15 01:14:58 2004
Rating: 3 Votes: 3

Some time later our magnificent leader brought me some items
to help me on my crooked ways. a humming magical apparatus
built of leather, gold and platinum labeled as rain, it was
against our enemies which we would surely get. Nothing beats
the good ole insta rain when it comes to player killing, Next
item stunned me completely, a torsch. Its purpose was to gain
TP for typoreport at the time of need. Great! Maybe I send
ten typoreports and gain TP for each different resolver wizards
award. And the last item was orb of Succour. It was to boost
our conjurers protections to ungodly lenghts. Problem was that
we all were nomads. I sensed big problems on the player killing
field, but still followed our charismatic leader.

Our first target was finally set. BC post, as most of you remember
you could only send mail from post office. On of us will block
it with shelter (which we would get from shelter scroll) and one
will collect 1000gp fee to let people in. And as it needed only
two players it give the last two free hands for other scheming.

It was me and our leader who took responsibility of psychological
warfare. As we noticed that both are finnish, we admitted to
eliminate people on suomi channel. We hired ravaging XXX to
drive people mad with his rumblings. His favourite ways were
yhdyssana virheet(compound), another sneak attack was praising
the usefullness of religions. We ordered him to agravate
our enemies and making them get banned by wizards. reason beign
personal insulting. Our leader has trained this ravaging
freelancer too well. He some time later went over the top and
got removed. He still gets some flashbacks and attacks suddenly
screaming 'YHDYS SANA' with his hcbat character XXX.


Group: bs (#5342/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 4h, 38min and 36s)
Subject: is he ronald mcdonald?
Date: Mon Nov 15 01:57:34 2004
Rating: 2 Votes: 2

Though time went fast, but the results were low and the morale was
failing. Suddenly the times of peace were over, ur leader asked me
to secret meeting at our regular place, anipas castle. There XXX
told me that he has found a way to blackmail even wizard. He wanted
me to play female and lure some wizard to have mudsex with me.
Then we would blackmail him with logs after we reveal that im
truly a male.

I was terrified and felt humiliated, but wanted to see all, after
all ive got this far already. We spreaded rumour that capula has
sold his character to some female player. Then the leader exposed
me of character selling. When first wizard started to ask
questions about my true identity, I pleaded 'Dont rm me, Ill have
mudsex with you.' For some godforbit reason wiz accepted the
services and he was hooked.

Dirty details in logs of hot mudsex session can be bought from
capula for meager price of 100.000 gp.

Story continues though, hopefully.

Group: bs (#5350/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 271d, 13h, 29min and 4s)
Subject: lemon is bitter
Date: Mon Nov 15 23:07:38 2004
Rating: 3 Votes: 3

From: XXX(archwizard)
Date: Fri Jan 10 19:09:55 2003
Subject: scandal
To keep up good fame of batmud on the mudscene, you must destroy
your logs about recent happenings with XXX.

Inbox 258(258) ?

To honor such wish, I continue my story right after that accident,
which surely wasnt last.


One of our first new members was promising law studying mudder
from usa. But he got delusional with his new gained power. He
started to praise the mightiness of himself being born in the worlds
finest place, united states of america. that and the everpromising
power gained by werule+ membership. We had planned him such promising
career as our political lawyer. Though he serves our purposes with
his public preaches on random channels. He helped us to go unnoticed.

At that moment we were semi-serious power at chart where the highest
place is Archgod. Atleast thats what our leader told us.


Group: bs (#5365/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 272d, 1h, 12min and 21s)
Subject: brutality by violence (1/2)
Date: Wed Nov 17 12:10:01 2004
Rating: 0 Votes: 3

Quite soon after our lawbender left us our leader approached
us with his new plan. This time aim wouldnt be too high (which I
pretty much instantly believed), the aim was to pkill leader of
the tinmen race and thus gaining good powerbase by getting one
of us to lead that race.

Our leader soon introduced us his newest pkill weapons or pkill
toys as he liked to call em.

a small genuinely made wooden chest.
It is labeled as 'pkill'.
The label can be set with 'label' command.
You see a small combination lock with 3 dials on the sailor chest.
The dials are set to: 0 0 0
See 'help sailor chest' for more information.
This item is in superb condition.
It looks very very heavy.
Pkill contains: (7 out of 7 slots used)
a water balloon
a water balloon
a water balloon
a water balloon
a water balloon
a water balloon
a water balloon

The plan was to lure unsuspecting tinmen leader to bank and there
launch the furious assault against him. The main thing was that
our leader has seen that players eqs and he didnt have any
protection against water damage.

It didnt took long when we saw this:
XXX [sales]: purple moccasins mb 1k

Unfortunately the price didnt go further than 200k and wrong
player bought em. When we were selling our thir pair of those
expencive moccasins, our target finally ate the hook.

-Shootout at the BC-bank-

Our leader chose our new member who was psi to aid him in the
bank and my job was to block escape route. Psi insisted that
he wants to disguise as street lamp with transmute self.


Group: bs (#5366/9588)
From: Capula (Lvl: 100 Age: 1y, 272d, 1h, 12min and 21s)
Subject: brutality by violence (2/2)
Date: Wed Nov 17 12:10:32 2004
Rating: 2 Votes: 4

The following is exact log from my leaders databases.

You are in The Bank.
To the east you see a counter. In the wall beside the counter,
a door leads further east.
There is a teller here to handle your transactions and a small
sign on the counter describing the available commands.
Iron gate (open) leads south.
Mithril reinforced vault door (closed) leads east.
Obvious exit is: south.
a magical charity box
A burly looking bankguard ready to pound offenders
a green gas street lamp
XXX the dented member of Tinmen < exp >
Leader [party]: attack! use the device!
You toss a water balloon to XXX!
The balloon bursts, drenching XXX completely!
You miss!
You miss!
You miss!
You toss a water balloon to XXX!
The balloon bursts, drenching XXX completely!
You miss!
You miss!
XXX leaves south.

Leader [party]: attack! use the device!
It was the command to block poor fellows escape route. Now it
was my turn to show how to precisely pkill someone.
For a second i twiddled a humming magical apparatus built of
leather, gold and platinum labeled as rain and then pushed it.

press button
You push the button on the apparatus!
The apparatus trembles a bit but nothing happens.
Nooooooo! Our masterplan failed!
XXX arrives from north.
XXX leaves west.

It was a great loss to our cause, but reward came from surprising
sector. Leader got tp for bugreport, water from balloons didnt
cause dmg for water allergic races. This was clear sign to us
that sun will shine where we would go (according to our leader).


                       The end.