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Library: Sidepath of faith


Author: khar
Date:Aug 31 2007

   Greetings fellow reader. I'll tell you about things 
that changed my way of life. It all began few years 
ago somewhere in the spring of 719. At that time I 
roamed the lands as an assassin. I was arrogant and 
oh so full of myself. I really thought that I was 
invincible. But like the life goes on, things are 
about to change in the process.
   No matter how well I performed my missions, 
I was left empty in a way. First I tried to feed my 
hunger by murdering anything that I came across. 
I started to choose ever more difficult targets.
And eventually that would have been the end of me. 
But then something odd happened.
  One night I was stalking people from the roofs, 
when I heard an odd sound coming from the near by 
forest. It wasn't anything I've heard before. Elegantly 
throwing myself down to the streets,I began to close in 
on the sound. I kept looking for hours, and it 
was always coming just bit further along the path. 
Before I realize I had wandered of deep into the 
uncharted woods.
  When the shadows grew taller, I had to confess to 
myself that I was getting bit worried. After being so 
long in the darker side of path, it was truly acward 
to be afraid of the darkness.With all these doubts in 
my mind I wandered forward. Suddenly there 
was movement within the bushes on my right side. 
I exposed my scimitar rushing towards the sound. 
Just before I was sure to cut my foe in half... 
a hare leaped out of the bush. 
  For few seconds after the rabbit had bounced away, 
I was still in semi-petrified state. Since I 
couldn't make my mind, should I burst into laughter 
or just cry my eyes out. So there I was. Standing 
in the middle of nowhere with my blade drawn due 
to a ferocious rabbit... I couldn't help my self at 
that time, so I bursted into laughter. While 
lying on the ground trying to catch my breath, 
I suddenly saw a bare femine leg just few inces 
away from my face.
  As I carefully looked upwards, to see whom had 
seen me in this embarrassing state not suited for 
cold blooded assassin. I saw the most gorgeous lady 
of the entire realm. Her skin was pale like the 
purest of marble. Her eyes were like amber, making 
me want to dive myself into her arms. She asked me 
with melodic voice if I had lost my sanity
in the forest.
  After I was able to assure her that I'm fine and 
sane, she told me that she wanted to show me something. 
She took me through the woods with supprising ease. 
After roughly an hour, we arrived to a small clearing.
There in the middle of the field was a proud and 
noble unicorn. I had ever seen such majestic animal. 
I must have looked like a kid who sees something 
  Before I had time to get back to my senses, I heard 
a voice in my head.It was the unicorn that told me 
how I had two choices. First it described what would 
happen in my current way of life. I would gain fame 
but die suddenly and violently. But after I would 
have perished, noone would remember me. My second 
option was to seek my faith under the sign of Ankh.
  So it really wasn't that difficult decision in 
the end, to change course of my life for the better. 
I would seek new kind of knowledge with the aid of music
and bardic might. And hopefully leave something 
behind me when I die. I crafted my first instrument, 
a flute, with the kind help of the mysterious unicorn.
It lighted my interest to fantastic things and 
extraordinaire. I shall wander through the lands to sing, 
to learn and to entertain the crowds.

--- Khar