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Library: Flowerfield


Author: vesku
Date:Oct 23 2007

Everything is so silent. It is too early even for birds. Slight breath of air
blows through trees giving silent humming sound.  Air is bit foggy, but seems
like it is getting clearer. World looks really beautiful today. It is going to
be a warm day.  Flowers look like they are sleeping. Maybe they are who knows.
Nothing can spoil this day, or?

Sun is rising to the cloudless sky. All living things are starting to wake up.
Birds are starting to sing, flowers are rising towards early morning sun.
Small rabbit has come out from its hiding and is eating some fresh, bit moist
grass. What a perfect start for a new beautiful day. Faint sound of dog
barking can be heard from distance. Seems like some human has waken up to
admire morning sun. It is bit chilly still but not cold. Does this all look
too good?

Air is getting warmer. Some honeybees are flying from flower to flower. Even
more birds have waken for singing concert. Grasshoppers are accompanying
singers. Really magnificent looking white unicorn walks from woods.
Multicoloured rainbow is following unicorn. It looks almost like its coming
from that. That magical creature sure seems to make effect on everything
around it. Sounds like all voices become happier and louder. All kinds of
creatures are coming out from their hidings and looking that miracle. Flowers
look like they are reaching even higher and turning toward unicorn. This
animal sure is natures perfect creation. Can things go any better.

Something is wrong. Terribly wrong. Some dark clouds have gathered around sky.
Wind is blowing harder and harder. It is really getting lot darker. Air is
rapidly getting freezing. What is happening. Just while ago there was really
warm and calm day but now. Grasshoppers have stopped their playing. Birds have
stop singing. All small creatures have gone back to their holes and nests.
Sounds of distant thunder can be heard. Is it just thunderstorm or is
something else causing all this. But what could have such powers to block the
sun and scare every living thing away. Every other beside unicorn. But even
how magnificent it is, it is still looking worried. Things can not be too well
if this embodiment of goodness is worried.

It is totally dark now. Only slight glow from unicorn is giving light. But it
can not illuminate whole place. Darkness is just way too deep. Something is
closing. Distant flapping sound. While it is closing some strange growling or
some voice like that can be heard. What ever it is, it sure is big. Unicorn is
getting really restless. It starts to scrape ground with hoof. It looks like
it is preparing for something, or someone.

Really loud thump comes from other side of field. Whatever that evil thing is
it has landed on ground now. It is totally silent now. No thunder, no animals,
even thundering sound has gone. Unicorn seems like it is concentrating on
something. Maybe some kind of spell. Dark creature is somewhere around. It is
not moving, or it just can move without anykind of sound. But hearing that
thump it caused when it landed that perhaps is not possible.

Sudden burst of light. Unicorn flashes illuminating whole place with really
bright light. Wow that evil creature is a huge dragon. It also looks like it
is not that dump as it looks at first. It looks like it has some aura around
it. Aura is bending light really strangely. It looks like magical. Feels like
something is about to happen. Atmosphere is really tense. These two are going
to fight till bitter end. Which one will win. Good or evil?

Dragon is concentrating on something. Strange ball is growing on its pawn.
Ball is gathering energy from around. It looks like it is eating living stuff
out from plants, trees and even from air. After it grows enough dragon throws
it toward unicorn. Just barely it can dodge that. Ball causes huge blast of
magic when it hits on ground. For counter attack unicorn charges towards
dragon. That really looks like desperate idea, but also only one available.
Dragon easily stops charge and chops unicorn into small pieces. We are doomed
now, right?

Suddenly from distance you can hear someone approaching. It is giant. Huge
female giant. Dragon looks like it does something. It is laughing. Laughing
really hard dropping to its knees. Maybe giant really doesn't look that
dangerous. But dragon doesn't know her magical powers. Ancient gods have
blessed giant with most fearsome spell there is. Rumours say that there is
nothing can resist that spell when it is casted. After getting close enough
giant chants magic words "SENKIN HÖPPÄNÄ!".. Dragon falls to ground totally
helpless. It finally opens its mouth and says :"Nooo don't kill me.". Giant
decides let dragon live after all and for favour dragon cooks unicorn for
their lunch. Mmm fresh baloney.