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Library: Tailors Tale.


Author: awed
Date:Oct 28 2007

One up on a time there was a tailor. The tailor was sitting in front of a open
window with his legs crossed. He was just sitting there and sewing sewing
sewing sewing One day honeyseller walked in front of his house hollering that
he has some honey to sell. Tailor bought pot of honey. 

He spread the honey on top of a breadslice ja started to eat it since he was
really hungry because all the sewing. But bugs were also interested about
tailors honey and huge amount of them flew into tailors honeybread. Then the
tailor got mad. He took a leather flyflap and killed a bunch of bugs with it.
Seven dead to be exact. 'Man, I'm vigorous' the tailor said to him self. 'I
killed seven of them with only one hit. What if I would leave this tailoring
business and left this place and help the world with my talents.'

And so he did. The tailor sewed him self a wide belt with golden label saing
'Seven with one hit'. Then he packed his bags, took his staff, locked his
workshop and started his journey through world. The tailor travelled and
travelled for fifteen years he travelled.

One day while he was crossing a forest he met a three year old boy. The
giantboy was big as a pine tree and strong-looking in any other way. They
started talking and both started to brag with their strengths 
'Can you read boy' asked the tailor. 'Can you read when my belt sais?'
'Nope, I cant do such thing' said boy. 'But for that I'm sure that I'm atleast
ten times stronger than you are.'
'I dare you.' said tailor.
And so they decided to compare their strengths and the giantboy came with a
HUGE golden hammer which was so heavy that the tailor couldn't move it even a
inch. After puffing his muscles for a while he took a man-sized rock from the
ground, took few steps and threw it up into the sky and after few second they
couldn't even see the rock.

Now it was tailors turn to show his strengths. He was supposed to throw the
golden hammer. But the tailor didn't hurry at all. Hands behind his back he
just looked up to the sky.
'What are you looking for?' asked the giantboy.
'Mjeh, just waiting for a suitable cloud that I can throw the hammer on.'
Answered the tailor with peaceful look on his face.
'No way man. You can't do it. This hammer is legacy item and it's very
valuable.' Warned the giant boy and took the hammer away from the tailor.

They decided to contunue along the road After walking some time they saw a
giant tree fallen across the path. 'Lets try who's who once more. Lets carry
that tree together and the one which gets exhausted first is the weaker one.'
Asked the giantboy.
'Ok, that seems fair. You take the base side of the tree and I'll handle the
top.' Said the tailor.
The giantboy grabbed the tree and threw it into his shoulder and started to
wander ahead. The tailor did not grab the tree. Instead of that he jumped over
the top of the tree to ride it and while riding he smoked few cigarettes and
let the stupid giantboy carry the whole tree.

After traveling some time the giantboy stopped and asked them to rest for a
while. 'What? You tired already?' Asked the tailor.
'I could carry this as long as it takes. I don't feel a thing yet.' Continued
the tailor.
There was no other choice then to accept the the tailor was stronger in this
task than the giantboy.

They were already close to giants castle and there was this HUGE orchard
filled with these really huge apple trees in front of the castle. The giantboy
bent one of the trees and started to gather some apples. He filled his pockets
with these apples and then he said 'pick few apples for your self' to the
tailor and gave the top of the tree to the tailor. The tailor had no other
choice then to grab to top of the tree. But the giantboy though he was clever
and let the top go and the tree flung the tailor far away.
'Where did you went with such rush?' Asked the giantboy.
The tailor who just barely made alive from the crash answered ' I though I saw
a  mother bear on the bushes. Once when I was a little boy bear scared me. And
after that I have been doing that kind of leap everytime I see a bear.'

The giantboy took the tailor back to his fathers castle. The other giants were
already dining. Five giants were sitting near a HUGE fireplace. Each had lamb
on their hands and they ate it with huge smile on their faces. The tailor was
also invited to the dinner. The giantboy told to his father how incredibly
strong the thing man he brought with him was. The giants started to whisper
with earch other that suck man should be eliminated.

They put the tailor to the highest bedroom of the castle to sleep but he
didn't go to sleep right away since he smelled the danger. The tailor put a
log as big as man into his bed and hided behind the curtains. At night the
father giant came to tailors room with the HUGE golden hammer and slammed the
log which was in tailors bed so that the boards on the bottom of the bed came
'That's it. He will not swing our golden hammer to any clouds now!' roared the
father giant to his sons. The giants went to sleep and so did the tailor.

When the morning came the giants took their axes' and saws and went to cut
some wood. They had forgot all about the tailor and didn't even check how the
visitor was doing. The tailor got up after a good night of sleep and went to
breakfast in the giants kitchen. After the breakfast he went to the forest to
follow the giants up. Like nothing happened the tailor travelled toward giants
location. The giantboy saw the tailor first.
'Look, it's the strong fellow raised from death! He's going to revenge since
we killed him!' He yelled. And so the giants got scared and run away.

But the tailor continued his journey and he came to the kings city. He went to
a local pub to get some maltbeer. The other customers were peeping and reading
the tailors belt, 'Seven with one hit'. There was also a servant of the royal
king in the pub and he went to tell his lord that there is a man with such
power in the pub 
'Bring me that man!' Said king to servant. The tailor was brought to the king.
The king started to tell the tailor about his troubles. He told that he had
two HUGE and angry giants at his kindom.
'I'll give you barrel full of gold coins if you can banish these giants. I'll
give you my army to help you in this task. Are you up for it?' Said king. The
tailor just nodded calmly.

The powerful man as the tailor was he tightened his belt and took the army to
his charge and marched to the evil neighborhood of the giants. They found what
they were looking for. They found both of the giants in deep sleep on the
ground. The tailor said to the army forces that 'go wait back, I'll kill them
on my own.' The soldiers went away and the tailor took some rocks to his
pockets and climbed to the tree over the giants. The tailor threw one stone at
the other giant and a second stone at the other giant. They woke up and were
very angry.
'Why did you hit me?' Giant asked from another.
'You were the one who hitted me while I was in the sweetest dream.' The other
That started a huge fight between the giants. They ripped few trees from the
ground and started to hit each other with them. They were so angry that they
slashed each other to their deaths. After both giants were dead the tailor
asked the army to see the corpses. And when they returned to the kings castle
the soldiers proved to the king that the tailor had killed two huge giants
with his bare hands.

'Well, aren't you the most powerful man on earth.' Said king after the
soldiers had made him believe that the tailor had killed those two giants.
'Can you banish one other evil monster? I'll give you one more barrel of gold
coins if you can handle this. You must kill a rhinoceros from my garden. It
got away from my zoo and now it's killing every living thing in sight.' Said
king with a sparkle of hope in his eyes. Tailor nodded again calmly.

The tailor went to garden with a red piece of clothing. When the rhinoceros
saw the red piece of clothing it got really mad so that just foam came from
it's mouth and it's eyes went crazy. It ran towards the tailor with his horn
pointing forward but the tailor was carefull and aimed the rhinoceros into a
tree and the rhinoceros got stuck from his horn into the tree. The tailor just
calmly asked the army to kill the rhinoceros and they did. The king kept his
promise and gave two barrels of gold coins to the tailor and the tailor lived
rest of his life as a rich man in kings city.