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Library: Elvar


Author: awed
Date:Oct 30 2007

Once up on a time there was a just an original man who loved
horses. He was in his house when someone knocked the door.
'knock knock'
The man, we call him Kurgan, had been the whole day riding
with his horse. The horse is called Elvar. The horse is over
10 years old. His hoofs and knees are already fragile since
as a young horse he pulled the wagons. He did that almost
eight years.

It all started when he was born ten years ago in a field.
Her mother was a white very beautiful arabian horse. She was
unlucky when Elvar was born. She died to injuries that the
birth gave her. When Elvar was born in a rainy day the same time
his mothers master was getting married with very beautiful but
wicked woman. So because Elvar was born and his mother died the
masters wife came his master too. The wicked wife is called

Elvars childhood was happy and he just played with his big
brothers and sisters in the field. When he was one year old
Elrinidith decided that he was ready to pull her wagons. And
he did. He did it for two whole years. He did it in sunshine,
rain, mist, when it was snowing, in the morning, forenoon,
afternoon, evening and at night. He did it all for Elrinidith.
But she was never pleased. Either Elvar went too fast, too slow
or if she didn't find anything else to complain she did complain
about Elvars smell. During these two years Elvars master and
Elrinidith got a child. A boy, which was named Azzie. The boy
was very kind, just like his father.

One time when Elrinidith and Azzie were coming from town the road
was very icy and it was snowing. Elrinidith was whipping Elvar to
go faster and they came to a curve which was very icy and the ice
was covered with snow and it was very slippery. Well, like you can
guess Elvar couldn't keep the wagons on the road and Elvar was
dragged to ditch with wagons. Azzie was thrown from the wagons and
fly to a rock. Elrinidith went unconscious and Elvar was hurt very

They were found by a townsman who almost slipped to the ditch also.
He automatically thought that Elvar was the one to blame but it was
obviously Elrinidith who didn't understood that it was too slippery
for such speed. Elrinidith didn't correct the townsman never and
Elvar got blamed for the accident. Azzie got hospitalized and he
got permanent braindamage and he died about one year after the
accident. The death happened very oddly. He was found drown from
the familys fountain which was one meter high from the ground and
Azzie couldn't even walk.

It was late fall when Elvar was near his stables on the field eating
grass. He saw Elrinidith walking hastely on the yard. Then she went
in and came back after about five minutes with blanket which had
something inside. She threw it to fountain and hold it under water
for few minutes and she was obviously crying but she did it silently.
After holding the blanket under water for few minutes she sniffed
few times and went inside the house without looking back.

After Azzie died Elvar was sold to a man who drove wagons in the
town. He was called Kurgan. He loved horses. He saw that Elvar was
very tired because he was kept badly in last family. Even if the
last master of his was very kind but Elrinidith was not. She had
the stableboy under her command and the stableboy did everything
she said. The stableboy fed him very poorly and didn't clean his
stall at all and that's why Elvar didn't smell so good.

After Elvar was sold to Kurgan things sure did change. He got
fresh hay every day and his stall was cleaned twice a day. First
two months he was owned by Kurgan he did nothing but played on
the field and he was taken care of. Elvar feld happy again.

After two months he was ready to pull wagons again. Kurgan
was very gentle with Elvar since he knew that he couldn't handle
poor treatment. Kurgan was a horsetaxi driver and he was a very
good one. He knew every street on the town, every alley and every
dangerous corner. It was winter when Elvar got back pulling the
wagons. The city was very cold at winter time. The cold went to
his and his masters bones. They very frozen for 3 months in a row
since they spent most of their time on the streets either driving
the customers from place to place or waiting for them. It was
a hard winter for Elvar and Kurgan knew it but since he did
take care of him he knew Elvar can handle the winter in the city.

In the summer the city did smell horrible. All the carbage was
throw to the streets and it was just disgusting to walk on the
streets. But atleast it was warm even it rained almost every day.
But Elvar liked summer even if it rain. And the summer wind felt
so soft on his fur. The smell didn't bother Elvar rather it was
exciting. A lot of smells and the mixation of those already
familiar smells made new rather peculiar smells.

For six long years he and Kurgan did circle around in the city
when one winter Kurgan got really sick. He had pneumonia. He
had to be in bed for three months and when he came to see
Elvar he smiled widely. He told Elvar that they had to move
to a warmer place. Kurgans doctor had ordered so. After about
2 weeks they left to inland. There was no cold wind nor the
winter never came fully there. Kurgan found a nice little
house near a beautiful lake and there were a lot of fields
for Elvar to run and rest his tired bones. His knees and
hoofs were very fragile because of pulling the wagons on
the city.

One evening Kurgan had put Elvar in his stall and was just
about to make some tea for him self he heard someone knocking
the door.
'knock knock'
Kurgan went to open to door. There was a neigbours daughter.
She offered Kurgan some flowers she had picked up her self.
Kurgan knew what she wanted...