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Library: Blood bond


Author: malos
Date:Nov 27 2007

Quiet! Stardust whispered before crawling forward through slimy pipe. There
are guards everywhere.
There was something about this trip that Wonderwice just didnt understand.
They were here for what? 
We have money, we have a castle and we mistress for every finger. Why on earth
do we have to keep on 
robbing people, he mumbled after emerging from the darkness to the nightair
after exhausting trip in the sewers.

Gazing shortly, Startdust answered in a monotonous voice: Because I want to.
Leaving the subject there, they began circling the premices for safest
entrance and exit routes.
They checked and double checked the lockpicks and everything seemed like
It seemed there were no dogs on ground, it would easen up the job a little
Stardust began too feel more and more confident about getting inside and
already celebrating
the early victory in his mind. 

Something wasn't like it should have been. Eyes flailing, back and forth
Wonderwice tried to find reason for his 
bad feelings. But not succeeding to calm down his brothers enthuasism, they
proceeded inside the garden and
straight to the kitchen door. Even chef was absent. Whistling his favourite
song, Stardust quickly picked the door
and found the kitchen to be well stocked in both food and drinks.

There was no point rushing things with all this extra edibles around. After
short arguement concerning finishing the mission
enjoying a good meal, the latter won. Having the way his brother liked, it
soon became a massacre for both stomach and quickly
diminishing drinks. His brother getting more and more drunk. Wonderwice
started becoming extremely worried about passing time.
They had already moved in the livingroom to search the safe. This was what
they were trained for when they still were
younglings. Following the everyday routine, the safe was open within minutes.
After confirming that there were no traps set,
they opened with huge safe door. Shocked shriek escaped from Stardusts lips:
No! This can't be happening. Where were all
the promised mithrils and platinum coins that always was said to be stored

Before they had time to think more about it, they started hearing shouts,
barks and steady sounds of running guards.
Looking violently for exit, they started tearing things up, bashing windows
and looking for exits they had missed. 
There was none to be found, the only safe exit they had discovered earlier was
already full of light and clinging of
heavy armour was way too close. Seeing his brothers horrified gaze, Wonderwice
made his toughest decisions in his life,
knowing that his brother would never make it in his drunken condition.
Grabbing the nearest sturdy table he rammed towards
the kitchen door. Knowing that the only even remotely safe option was trying
to use moment of surprise.
Hearing his brothers death cry in his ears, he made it to the mansion walls.
Climbing furiously not caring about the arrows
that the guards had shot in his back. The only thing he could feel, hear or
see at that moment, was his brothers face 
and the shout of desperation. He already knew he had done something that he
could not forgive himself. Not in his lifetime

After painful recovery and passing three months, he dared to return to the
city. He didnt need to visit the merchants 
house where they were earlier. He knew too well what happened to thieves and
bandits that were found practicing 
their profession. Instead he spent few hours walking around the city, thinking
life in general and familiy.
There was no grave he could visit. No monument left for his achievements.
Nothing. He had nothing left in his life, 
but bitter taste in his mouth. His brother had always been a nuisance to him.
But there was nothing that had been more 
important to him. 

He had enough sense left in him to donate his left wealth to the orphenage,
but every else penny he spent buying explosive
orbs from the local channeller. That was everything he needed beside a torch
he always carried with him. It was not until the
sixth month after his brothers death when he gathered enough orbs to his
backpack to send that bloody house to oblivion.
The next night, not knowing his actions he walked in a dream like condition to
the merchants house. Climbed on to the wall
and shouted: What has happened is past, but to this place , there is no
future. Not to me, and definately not to any of you!
That was the last thing he managed to say before he got shot full of pointy
arrows, falling from wall with lit torch and
backpack. Occupants never knew what them. The house was sent to oblivion in
seconds. Nowdays there's nothing left at that spot,
even weed refuses to grow there. Only thing left there is an obelisk with two
sooty names ornated with roses below a symbol
dedicated to Goddes of lost children.