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Library: Diary of Jaichim Harn, The high lord of Drawbridge Arelium


Author: ktonis
Date:Jan 4 2008

My advisors have introduced this idea of keeping diary to me. They didn't say
the reason out loud, but I suspect the reason behind this request is the most
obvious one - they must be interested in my daily thoughts so that the memoir
of these glorious days will be written as truthfully as possible. So although
this time is away from my other, perhaps more tangible activities,  I feel
that it is my duty to spend some time writing down my thoughts. I shall try to
find time to write down at least a few lines each day.

My man-servant seemed to have misplaced this book into a drawer that I almost
never use, I shall have to reprimand him about this. Otherwise the past few
days have been so full of normal and boring activities that I don't really
have much to write about. One thing that caught my attention was the long line
of new recruits being herded into the keep. I asked my chief advisor about
this and he told me that this was nothing out of the ordinary - seems that the
keep is no longer such a safe place as there are tens of casualties among the
guard patrols each day! As a more mundane side note I seem to have misplaced
my heirloom crown - the famous Faux Cour crown - and I've been spending over
half of the day searching for it.

I stumbled into a bunch of new recruits during my afternoon stroll in the
keep. They all were wearing shining new breastplates and chain mails. Later on
I saw my chief advisor and congratulated him about the orderly state of the
guards - he didn't accept the gracous congratulations as according to him the
armours and weapons were shining simply because they were brand new. Evidently
the brigands killing the guards are also robbing the equipment from the dead!
What an outgrace! If I was any younger I would patrol the keep walls myself
and let these brigands taste their own medicine. I still haven't managed to
locate my crown.

I met some visitors of the keep today. Why they were wandering inside the
actual main hall without proper escorts is beyond my knowledge. Even worse,
these visitors seemed to treat me as their equal! It is one thing that I was
not wearing my crown at that time, but you really think that peasants should
know the difference between themself and one of the noble born. After reading
my yesterdays notes I went to see the tresurer and asked him about the costs
of keeping the guards equipped. I was horrified with the amount of gold used
daily for solely this purpose. I'm seriously thinking whether I should close
the keep completely from visitors.

Peculiar day, both nice and scaring surprises. While studying the mantle piece
over the old unused fireplace I thought I heard some voices coming from the
fireplace. Of course I thought the sounds were coming from something crawling
in the chimney, but as I went on closer to the fireplace to peek up the
chimney a very peculiar thing happened. Without any warning the fireplace wall
seemed to whirl around - before I could do anything but wonder about the
phenomena I was tumbling on the floor along with a hulking minotaur youth who
seemed to be thrown out of the fireplace. I was furious with the indignity,
but my thoughts were distracted by the clinging  sound of something metallic
rolling over the hall floor - my precious crown! We must have nudged something
where it had been lying while rolling on the floor. When I was wearing my
crown again and had regained my visible equipment of authority I was about to
deliver a scolding of his lifetime to the clumsy minotaur - but he seemed to
have vanished through the keep gateway without a simple apology. If I hadn't
been so happy about recovering my crown I would surely had ordered my guards
to hunt down the insolent youth.

I was assaulted in the corridors of my own keep! What a disgrace - I shall
have the entire guard that was on duty at that time flogged! This happened
when I was doing a routinue morning stroll in the keep - a nasty looking
female giant came running through the corridors and abruptly stopped by me. I
addressed her about the correct protocol of walking civilly in the corridors
and queried her of her business in general while she just simply looked at me
and seemed to measure me up. Then out of the blue she let out a hideous
battlecry and was on top of me before I realized it. We fought bitterly for a
few minutes - I cannot recall the details of the battle as everything seemed
to happen so fast - but I suppose I was victorious in the fight as I woke up
in my own room half a day later without a single mark on me! I must have
gotten a good hit on my head in the end and carried back to my room by my
servants. Tomorrow I shall close down the keep doors until this episode is
investigated and guilty parties severely punished!

This will be my final entry to this diary. Seems that I was wrong in the
beginning - after reading through all the incidents I have written down here
it seems evident that my time is desperately needed elsewhere. I don't
remember that there ever was a time before starting taking my notes when there
would have been so much misdeeds happening inside the keep. I fear my memoirs
will have to be written by second hand information by my relatives and
advisors. Yours sincerely, Jarchim Harn - Lord of Drawbridge.
here it seems evident that my time is desperately needed elsewhere. I don't
written by second hand information by my relatives and advisors. Yours
sincerely, Jarchim Harn - Lord of Drawbridge.