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Library: Outrider of Halas


Author: dunlop
Date:Jan 28 2008

A long long time a go in the land of Halas lived a race of barbarians.  The
of Halas was owned by the chief Jormeidan who ruled his world in great
harmony, until something broke Jormeidans harmony. Chief Jormeidan
received a letter from his ally Meleager the Mighty. Meleager was king of
dwarves and lived in next to Halas in Oggok.
Jormeidan begun read the letter.

To Great Barbarian King Jormeidan

We have received news from the city of KaelDrakkal from our spies, evil giants
are gathering forces to crush all the minor races of the world. Im asking you
to send your bravest warrior to KaelDrakkal to sneak in and murder
their leader, Derakor Vindikator. That will buy us more time to send
message to other races! We must hurry!

King of Dwarves Meleager M.

Jormeidan frowned to letter and mumbled something incoherant.
How dare they threaten us!, Jormeidan yelled in his small barbarian
tent. In puff of snow Jormeidans cousin, Trust,  arrived to the tent. Trust
well know thief, and thats why he was called sarcasticly as Trust.
Althought Trust was known rogue and Jormeidans cousin, Jormeidan asked
Trust for a favor, to go to the woods near KaelDrakkal, replace Jormeidan in
meeting.. Trust agreed with eager because he knew citizens of KaelDrakkal,
the giants, were mining high priced mithril in the dungeons of the city. And
Trust might get some drops from grounds.
This might be profitable journey!, Trust pondered greedily in his mind.
Good luck!, Jormeidan wished to his cousin and smiled. Trust thanked and
bowed before his king and mounted his wool rhino for the trip.
Traveling didnt take long because wool rhinos are fast runners. Also, Trust
trained his rhino to go on arse-mode, and so he could travel double speed
compared to other rhinos. The trick on rhino-arse mode is that you have to
keep your both hands in rhinos arse, so the animal assumes that something
or someone is chasing it.
As Trust arrived to woods next to city of KaelDrakkar, hometown of the leading
race of the world, giants, he noticed two people sitting next to a fire.
What a peculiar meeting!, stated Trust in his mind.
The two other were big foreheaded and black skinned magician, Saladura and
lizardman wearing some staff and a robe of a monk. Trust introduced himself
to Saladura and lizardman, but lizardman ignored him completely. Saladura
explained that lizardman didntt understand anything nor lizard didnt
make any other voice than hisssd once per five minutes.
Thats why named him or it as Ixarh., said Saladura.
Ixarh shall he be then!, replied Trust.
Trust asked where all dwarves were, because the invitation to meeting came
from dwarves. Saladura was on a trip at Oggok and said he volunteered for
the mission, because he wanted to revenge the death of his dad, Saladuras dad
had been slain in the great battle of Karnors castle where the giants tried to
pillage whole place. Now is time for payback!, explained Saladura, with mad
in his eyes.
Trust was confused, he was asked to go for a normal meeting. And now guy
with big forehead and dark black skin is talking about giant killing.
Trust only knew the legends of Jormeidans cyclops slaining trips to isle of
Loneliness. Ixarh hissed. Saladura explained how he had made all the
arrangements and the mission was ready to launch. Trust came more and more
confused. Saladura presented his plan with cone cows, how to sneak in and
murder Vindikator and then loot well known shining mithril armour, with
dragons engraved in it, from Vindikators vault. Last part of the plan
sounded great to Trust, with that armour on bazaars auction he could buy
everything he ever wanted!
Lets go!, Trust clapped his big barbarian together and couldnt hide
his enthusiasm.
We have to wait for the dark. And feed the lizard, it prevents the noices.,
explained Saladura. Ixarh stared at the sky with his red eyes. Trust didnt
like red
eyes, he usually had red eyes when he had a hangover, but having red eyes
looked too bad.
Night came and after the lizard was fed, the group was ready to sneak in the
city of KaelDrakkal. Saladura in the lead, Trust came as second and the last
was for Ixarh. Walls of the city were made of ice and they rose toward the
Saladura as magician drilled small hole to ice wall with his
flame spell and the rest of the group followed him through the hole. The hole
led them to a huge opening, it looked like some kind of marketplace. The
were sleeping, only two guards patrolled around the square. The group
of three sneaked through the square arriving to a big arena. The arena was
made for
giant-to-giant battles,but now the place was silent as a death. Trust noticed
craters on the ground. Closer look reavealed they were full of fresh blood,
shivered in scare.
There must have been battles earlier this day., Trust whispered to
others. Saladura pointed to a huge palace to north part of the arena,
which was Vindikators home. Trust didnt shiver anymore, he knew that the
armour of his life and solution to his every problem was in the vault at that
Time to roll., Trust whispered to Saladura and Ixarh. Both nodded as
they understood what was going to happen.
Trust was going to wake Vindikator up, while Ixarh would beat Vindikator
with his staff of Tranquility and Saladura would finish him with a mighty
manaburning spell. After Vindikator was slain Trust could sneak in to the
vault and
loot the armour of his dreams.
Everything was set, Trust wielded Ragebringer in his right hand and
stormed up to Vindikators room. Vindikator was surprised and Trust
managed to stab Vindikators left thigh. Vindikator dropped down on his
knee and tried to smash Trust as his with huge hand. Trust managed to
avoid the swing, and it gave Saladura opportunity to gather his power for
manaburn! In the same second Trust realized that lizardman was not around.
He took a glance around the room and noticed open door to the vault. Ixarh
had ran in to the vault, full of royal guards of Vindikator! Horrible
stomping noice started to get louder and louder as train of ten royal
guards ran behind the lizardman, who was wearing Vindikators armour! Ixarh
ran past Saladura and Trust leaving them to battle off ten royal giants and
angry Derekor Vindikator.
THIS IS END OF THIS!, yelled Vindikator and stomped Saladura to a painless
death. Trust knew that only his double-arse-mode-whool-rhino would save
his damned soul from this situation, but the Rhaimo-rhino was in the
woods. It was time for an old rogue hide and sneak trick to avoid the
inevitable death. Trust ran out of the door and towards the arena, which was
full of giants. In the middle of the arena the lizardman kept running with
chasing him.
Hah! After I disappear, I can go and loot the armour from that stupid
lizard!, Trust pondered in his mind. But he saw something going wrong on
the arena, giants had ended the pursuit of Ixarh and the whole horde of giants
were after Trust now! Trusts hide and sneak failed as he received long
and bleeding cut from huge(TM) giant longsword. Last thing he
remembered before he fell into unconsciousness was about lizardmen; They had a
natural ability: feign death.