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Library: My return


Author: murgan
Date:Jan 28 2008

This is a tale about my weird experience, as a bored elf merchant.

For many years I had gone through the world in search of materials I would
need in my work. It had become boring in the last ones, as I felt like I could
be much more, if I'd just get the chance. Like for so  many weeks before, this
particular week I kept a one day free from my normal activities, and headed to
the Rusty Shields bar, to drink my ass off with cheap drinks.  I started with
few Scharlachberg Meisterbrands, moved on the list and the last thing I
remember from the bar was drinking the last drops of my can of Carlsberg

Next thing I remember I'm wandering around Arelium, drunk as a skunk. I found
myself sitting next to a farmer, who begged me to help him.

Efrine asks 'Could someone please help me?'
Efrine says 'This is my first time here...'
Efrine exclaims 'I bet Arelium is full of heroes!'
Efrine asks 'Are you a hero?' 

I started to laugh, maybe he would believe I'm a hero as he was apparently not
from the city, and might not know the differences in fighters and other folk.
I answered him, trying to hide my drunken state: "Of course I'm a hero! What
do you want me to do?"

Efrine exclaims 'Oh yes! I really need help with this problem I have. It is
more like a quest!'

Nice, I love queshs....quests that is!

Efrine says 'I have been sent here by my parents to find a valiant hero who
could help us defeat a wolf which has been harassing us. Now I need to find
someone who accepts such a dangerous job.'

After I got him to believe I could be the hero he needed, he gave me a map.
The farmers had put a carcass as bait, so I had to find it and wait for the
wolf. I had some troubles reading the map, and walking straight, but I was
determined to be a hero. After some hiking I found the carcass and sat down
next to it. I remembered a song I had heard, that would lure pixies nearby to
bring me food and drinks. I started singing, and in no time a pack of pixies
ran and brought me some bread and chicken, and of course some pixie-ale. I
drank the ale, sang some more and drank some more. I hadn't seen the wolf so I
thought I could take a small nap, closed my eyes and passed out.

As I woke up, I felt the world colder, and myself more resistant to the evil
flows of the world. Something had definitely changed. I felt somehow lighter,
like I would've spent my entire life wearing thick clothes, and now I would've
tossed them away. I lifted my head a bit to see where I was. I saw a figure
near by, watching me, waiting for me to do something. As the figure walked
closer, I noticed he was little smaller than an average man and he was wearing
dark robes. He walked next to me and asked: "Are you strong enough to stand
up?" "I think so.", I answered with a weak voice. I tried to get up. When I
took support from the ground to get up, I noticed my hands and looked at my
body. I realized what the lighter feeling was all about. All the flesh from my
body had disappeared, and there were only bones left.

At first I was scared and confused of my current state, but soon I realized
this might be the change I had been hoping for. The drow noticed I started to
calm down, offered me a hand and pulled me up. "What happened?", I asked.

I was walking towards the city, when I saw a wolf having a feast on your body.
I charged the wolf and killed it, but your body was too damaged and eaten to
be saved, so I thought to try something unusual. And there you have the

"Oh....well..thank you, I guess.", I was still a bit shaky with my legs
without muscles or skin. The drow continued: "Of course my services aren't
completely free, as I need to feed myself too. I'm obliged to ask ten thousand
gold coins from you, or I have to cancel your new life.". It didn't feel like
too much for continuing my life, even if in a different form, so I paid the

I didn't want to go back to my old trade, so I took a slightly different path
in my life. Tried my best to forget the calm way of ascending rank and start a
fighters life, killing evil in the world. And of course, by getting more
valuable artifacts into my possession. I still remembered how I enjoyed
singing, while doing the painful tasks in my old life, so I decided to
continue it in this one. Maybe learn some new songs and learn to sing the old
ones better, with more power in them.

And that's what I've been doing ever since, singing my way into battle with
fellow fighters, helping the weak and desperate.