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Library: Be the Warrior that Carries me to the Sea


Author: merja
Date:Feb 24 2008

The ever read hand to strike
Smite down your mortal enemies
Crushing cruelty she lies down before you
And watches, waiting for your arrival.
Submission of an articulately silent face.

From the violence of human war
Gnashing jaws bent on battle
Sound your cries of anguish, fear, and PAIN!
Catch the clanging steel closer to your ears.

Approaching now her gentle, wetted brow
You hesitate to see that face, her eyes
Awe-struck in your curiosity
The raging forces of chaos persists in your soul...

Struck, by you, she cries out in her PAIN!
Raising naked arms to defend her weakness
Your weapon arm readies again, to strike a blow
And through the din of War rises the song from her throat...

"Be the Warrior that carries me to the Sea!"
"Walk through the fire unburned"
"And Return that which I give to thee."
"Remember your love, and set me free..."
"Be the Warrior that carries me to the Sea."

Your hand is steady in its aim
Your focus hounds the road ahead, plotting courses,
Only suddenly you find the Mercurcial musice dead
Standing no longer upon a Wrathful battlefield
Up she has begun to stand
Flurries around the night of firelight.

Swinging upon your pendulant ride
You greet her that day with love as before...

She sings, "Wind sweeps over my body"
"Impotent to my own will"
"I calm and let her have her way"
"The weariness of the body"
"Is not hardly substantial."

"You have made me love you with"
"The joy lighting in your eyes"
"Sorrow from my serious heart would weep"
"For the time of ending us is ever nearer"
"In spite of looming eternity, you break my heart..."

And she thinks, but she does not say
"When these walls finally collapse"
"You will drink my brightful day."

Bemoaning the sufferage submission to life,
"Would that you were not me but that"
"Flurry of air, candle-lit fire, desire..."
"Entrancing spirit joined together in life"
"Similar thought, path, walk, and prgression"
"Rather than the difficult adult-child"
"Which regretably is all that you are."

"Resolution of an endured shame"
"A lover who thinks I am only a game"
"And frustrating myself because I still hesitate."

Frozen the two have become action heroes.
One will die, one will live.
We see them both, and judge equally,
Between our lady of Destruction and her company.

"Without you is to lose myself."
"And to stare at life emptily is bloody hell."
"Hollow the shell of your flesh in mine"
"As passion flowers wilt and die."