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Library: Mirror of a Child


Author: merja
Date:Mar 7 2008

In your eyes seen the one of the mind of one ceasing separation.
Less of exuberance greeting the day of dead silence without your heart.
Trickle trickle silver dabbled your illusions is it is it not beating your
To the Earth muddened by your madness an angel quiet as dark as night is
Clock watch read me "I'll always be your friend," said the child's fox.
Death loves all within freedom carrying the flight of rising John.
Stock-still stands blown back through portals to make memories of mocked
Set the sun a million times over the wetness of grass shrouded here.
Lies of lips-torn sideways of the other side to the world I come now to you.
Foreign tides watching the churning spurning spite of your quietude.
Small flower-white book-pressed to my own heart the-forever-kept Memory of
Breezing the wind sighs of lofted gulls venting echoes sacred to the ectasy
Tasting shells along sanded a beach drive the pebble the sand and the stone.
Why do I always walk alone?
Soft so whispered against that the words without you tightening this child's

(I'll always be your friend, by Sam McBratney). 06Mar08. Washington, DC.