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Library: Moribundity of My Life


Author: merja
Date:Mar 7 2008

When he asked the question
Instantly I knew
For it was the single most significant
Fantastic dream I'd ever wished
Would come to life.

I wanted an everlasting breath inside, within
The one escaping feature of existence
That has troubled all conscious specimens
And though even to believe in such possibilities
Should test my faith of youthful years
It should also set me apart from my peers.

So when I heard him say those words
A dream entered, the stilleto Mortality,
And then died within seconds apart.

All I'd been waiting for
Which when accepted into my heart
Could be answered in due!
Yet with one doubt there grew up weeds
And they became trees
Great towers of truth
Whose airy fortress became affected by time
Fell tumbling down from the strongest of gales.

Embittered I turned away the man
And thus ended my reverie.
That reoccurred often through my youth
Always and to no avail.