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Library: What Spring does with Cherry Trees


Author: merja
Date:Mar 30 2008

Deserving an introduction, this is just one piece of something you are
reading. It is a part of a series based on the Windgra. The Windgra is a demon
in the agnostic pantheon. These are non-gender entities that are sometimes
accidentally glimpsed by a human. Normally these demonic spirits are masked by
elements and they are perceived as such, so it is a rare occasion where human
eyes have seen their true shapes instead of mere shadows.

The Windgra is made up of thermalized wind energies and he manifests himself
in solar flares, any type of accelerated wind storm or breeze, but especially
in the desert. He is known by many names and in cultures around the world. The
ones that I have discovered include: Viimasoturi, Windgra, Ar rih, and
Mearuawiga. A little-known fact is that the Windgra is one of the founding
demons of the Human Order of Isma'ilis.

Sitting here in the howling storm his heart leans into the wind invading the
stillness surrounding his presence. He speaks in silence his thoughts.

,,I would rather that I was made up of only ears so I could better listen to
the sound of the violent wind without disruptive noises of your breath fading
into memory. Better yet, I would ask my heart to stop beating so that I would
then never think upon you again. Rather not to let the empty wind in my soul
piercingly painful with its lonely cry for you. One blinded, desperate attempt
at keeping what is left of your rapidly disappearing warmth close around my

To be played with Aghast's song "Sacrifice" off the album Hexeri im Zweilicht
der Finsternis and it can be found on myspace if you want to read the text
with the music.