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Library: Diary of man who lost his memory


Author: entor
Date:May 3 2008

I have gotten my memory back now, but I wanna write down everything that
happened during those days when I didnt know anything of myself or my 
past. Let this be as reminder of who I was for a short while, and maybe I can
make some conclusions about my actions while I write this. So this 
is what happened...

My whole body was hurting, I couldnt hear well and my eyes were very sensitive
to the light when I woke up. I was laying on a hard surface.  A 
dark figure was leaning over me and shaking me roughly. "Wake up! It's your
time to wake, sir." The man helped me stand up.  I glanced around 
and noticed that this was somekind of freezer or morgue. There was no bodies
around but I knew the smell.  It was the smell of death. "Sir, how 
are you feeling? My name is Mortis, owner of this freezing company.  The time
you chose to be thawed has arrived." I really didnt have slightest 
clue what he was talking about, but I certainly believed I had been frozen,
only that could explain this deep freezing pain I was feeling. I 
told him I was fine considering the circumstances but when he asked me few
easy questions, like whats my name, it struck me... I didnt know my 
name! and when I tried to remember why or when I got here, I couldnt remember
that either. Panic and desperation overcame me, I felt so 
vulnerable. "I cant remember my name...I cant remember anything!" I cried. "No
need to panic, sir.  We knew that this was likely to happen if 
you freeze that long, and yes, 300 years is something we have not done before
this." I almost passed out, 300 years, what were my reasons to 
risk taking so long a trip. Mortis continued, "I have noted that you wanted to
be called Marvin and I also have you some clothing and 500 gold 
coins stored." After a small pause to let me digest what he just said he said,
"I know you must feel pretty lost right now and I warn you, 300 
years has made world much different that it was. Oh, one small thing, you came
to Bat city when you were frozen, well now it doesn't exist 
anymore.  The world became flooded and we had to evacuate. Now were are in a
city called Arelium, the capital of Laenor." I was numb with all 
this information.

After I was given all my stuff from the locker, I dressed up and decided to go
meet the new world, and maybe find my memory. The city was huge, 
this must be ten times bigger than old City was. I was feeling really small
and lost on the streets.  Walking through the city and peeking 
inside each store and door that came by I got some picture how the city was
laid out. Also city guards were very eager to give directions if you 
just knew what to look for. Slowly I made my plan, first I will get to know
this enormous city of Arelium and hopefully my memory would slowly 
come back.  Then, I would make contacts and then move out the city. But first
I would stay only inside the city walls. So there I was, starting 
from scratch again just hoping that something good would come along.

Five days passed, I kept base at Lacramobo's rent hall and made daily walks in
city. I was starting to get enough knowledge of current events in 
new world and was seriously considering moving out. That day I went to visit
Mortis to ask few questions that were bothering me.  When I was 
passing orphanage I saw something so beatiful that it made me gasp. This woman
with long black hair was something I had never seen before, so 
pure and so beatiful. She was looking after group of young orphans playing
with a ball in the street. She noticed me passing by and gave me nice 
smile. Later that night when I went to bed, I couldnt stop thinking about her.

Every day after I first met this beatiful woman, I made regular walks past the
orphanage, hoping to see her again. One day the kids were playing 
with the ball again and a little boy tripped and hurt his knee. He was sitting
on the ground holding his bleeding knee and crying. The woman 
rushed to check on the boy, I decided to go see if I could do anything to help
them and maybe get to know this woman better. I placed my hand 
over the bleeding wound and imagined in my mind it closing up and healing. To
everyones amazement, when I removed my hand, there was no marks on 
boy's knee. Now I noticed how this lady was watching me differently, I saw
respect and admiration in her eyes. After that day I spent all 
my time at oprhanage with her. Her name was Mabelle, she told me pretty much
me. Mabelle was my first victory after 300 years and now it's time 
to remind rest of the world, who I am.