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Library: Awakening Sense


Author: zenor
Date:Jul 9 2008

It was such a usual day, nothing special had happened. Except... the sun
shined; it was hot. A man was sweating, he just relaxed and watched very
amazed at the sky. Could it be that he had just awoken? He thought he had
slept hours, but the sun hadn't moved, not a bit. Time seemed to be still.
Odd, he felt the wind, he saw flying birds, and only the sun was still.
  Beneath his feet he felt a soft ground waiting; grass softly touched his
lower legs. His mind wandered and some thoughts flew. There was a sound, not
so different than usual but enough. Hearing something unique is strange when
everything dear to you seem to be lost. His body moved towards the sound, the
feet moved without an instruction.
  Smoothly everything went past him. Some birches appeared waving some leaves
for him. The path he walked without knowing where seemed to change screwy. It
was wearisome to walk where stones became larger, hills matured higher, and
the sun burned. It was such a surprising trip; only beasts surrounded him. He
had walked this path so many times, and this was first time when he didn't
meet any traces of man. No houses, no roads... he was terrified - alone in
some mythic place.

So vivid was everything around, the beasts walked in the same path -
everywhere. A bear roared to him, birds chirped to him, snakes coiled...
Something special it was, all those animals gawked at him like he was
different from their usual routines. Nothing was as usual. The sun was still.
He saw some nocturnal animals wandering in the wilderness in the daytime. He
squinted, how could it be?
  Walking such a familiar trail and everything being so odd, it felt like a
nightmare. As he walked on his trail, he suddenly stopped. He saw his friend's
head hanging in a tree, nothing else, just the head! He stared into his
friend's eyes, which were red like the demon's eyes. There was no blood, just
the accusing stare. The sound - it came back and his feet strolled towards the
unknown end of the trail.
  The trail was wild, only beast's tracks were found. He didn't have time to
wonder what was going on. Everything was like before. Just the touch of human
life was missing. There where houses were before, he found nothing, some
trees, bushes, and animals. The sun was still.

He was pondering at what had happened, when a large white bear growled him and
rose to stand on only for two feet. His settled walk stopped and he tumbled
against the bear. They rolled over and over. Now he saw, where the sound came
  It was from a building. When he tried to see the highest tower, he couldn't.
As he tried to find a word to define its beauty, nothing came in his mind. And
in the gate he saw pictures of human figures - the first after his friend's
head. He now had gotten his body under control. He laughed loonily. The bear
behind him watched him seriously, appraising him.
  The man's eyes followed the lines of figures. They were so familiar, he took
some steps closer, and tears poured from his eyes. The first of the figures
was his beloved, the second was his son. He took slow steps and tumbled before
them. His wailing was reckless. No pleasure was near, the forest heard for a
long time, the first human cries! Only sorrow flew over the trees, the hills,
and the streams. He mourned in his spot hours, days. How could man be so
alone? Time didn't have matter. The sun was still.

When he raised his hopeless eyes to look again those painful figures, they
were changed. They were statues of strange elegance, near human, but so full
of love, the love of nature. As he stared into them, he was overwhelmed by
their grace. He felt his pain was cleaned from his soul by the closeness of
the bare nature. Over the gate were strange symbols. They didn't associate
with anything he had seen before.
  As the beauty of the building grew and his interest in it faded he observed
his surroundings. Many beasts had come to him, they all stared. The white bear
was still closest, just at an arm's reach. He softly moved his hand to touch
the fur. The bear came closer; its wet nose touched his chest. And the sun

The sun whirled over the sky so fast that there was just a slight difference
where the light came. It was like darkness avoided light. And nothing was
still. In that spot were only the loneliest man on planet and the white bear.
In no time he fell asleep.
  As he awoke, the bear was alongside him. He felt that the sun moved! Nothing
had ever been so great! His horror retreated from his sore soul. But nothing
else had changed. He felt the bear's touch and as he dropped his glance, the
bear started to go inside the building. The man's soft guiding hand touched in
the bear's neck, the bear turned its asking glare, and he thought that it
couldn't be that nature is so harmonious there. But as he tried to walk away
from the building, the beasts made a circle to block him. What had he done to
deserve this life without others - human beings, alone?
  The bear pushed him gently towards the gate, and this time he took those
footsteps. Nothing inside the building was proper. Corridor was empty, no
furniture anywhere. Only one long corridor and a plain door were found. The
walls were white, marble white. The ground was soft grass. He walked up to the
door, touched it, and he burst full of emotions! The walls vanished,
everything around him vanished, and his shock was perfect. His blind stare
followed emptiness; only the plain door was spared from passing. Life was

He tried to move away and failed. He had only one thing to do. He released his
weak touch from the door. His mind relieved from soreness. There was no pain,
no delight, nothing. There was nothing for him to be... his mind broke through
the plain door, destroyed all the walls of the dream. Nothing was ever again
the same. He felt the wet nose touching his back, turned... and life was
again. The sun wasn't still. Life wasn't still. Everything was so whole.
  The man awoke to his usual day, in his side was the white bear, and he
touched its beautiful fur. The bear growled a bit and gave one ingenious
glance. He felt smooth words in his mind, the way of nature. "Nothing is
better than life with others."