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Library: Wand of wishing


Author: yar
Date:Aug 1 2008

It had been raining the whole day. In fact, it had been raining for the best
part of the past month or two. The village of Akashia had never endured this
much water in such a short period. Some of the villagers thought this had
something to do with witchcraft. Some went even that far as saying the
doomsday was coming. Many were also thinking that sometimes it just rains a

Simon was twiddling his feet in a small water puddle as the rain soaked him
completely. He was not too worried being totally wet because had it not been
raining, he would be working in the fields. Now he had the whole day just for
himself, again. Simon was a dark-haired skinny young boy who had a relaxed
attitude for everything. For everything, but maybe for the work in the fields.
His father had always been a very hard working man who had taken Simon to work
with him at the earliest possible age. Simon had grown to loathe the amount of
work he normally had to do.

Today his father wouldn't be dragging Simon to work, however. In fact, his dad
had gone to visit his brother in the nearby village. The main reason behind
this visit was probably to gather any news that would give some insight into
the latest weather events. There had been similar visits for other villages
too but so far none of them had provided any new information.

As Simon was playing with the water he suddenly felt something very cold
touching his bare feet. Taken with surprise he quickly lifted his feet from
the puddle and jumped backwards. What could have been that cold he wondered.
Besides being cold it had felt very solid so it could be some kind of metal.
Simon glanced at the puddle but he couldn't see anything. The water was just
too muddy. Carefully he put his right hand into the puddle and started feeling
the bottom. At first he didn't feel anything but sand and clay. But then his
middle finger touched it! His heart beating he slowly gripped the object and
tried to pull it out. The object was firmly stuck into the soil, so he put a
left hand around it too. Now he had a good grip of the object and inch by inch
he started to lift it upwards. As he lifted it off the soil he felt that it
wasn't very heavy. In fact, as he lifted it out of the water it felt
surprisingly light. It looked like some kind of a stick but as it was all
muddy he couldn't really make anything out of it. Simon washed and rubbed it a
bit in the muddy water and the pieces of clay dissolved.

Now that Simon could get a good look at it he saw that it was a wand made of
aluminium. It had strange carvings in the shaft and he couldn't tell if it was
some kind of language or if it was just plain ornaments meaning nothing. One
thing was certain though, it felt good gripping it. He suddenly felt aware of
things he had never known to exist. He felt a surge of power tingling along
his arm. Aware of the power he decided to hide the wand before someone would
see it. Not sure where he could hide it, he made it for the nearby trees to
get at least a little bit of cover. He stuck the wand under his shirt gripping
it tightly. Suspiciously he eyed the surroundings but saw no-one nearby. He
waited for a while but nothing moved, just raindrops kept coming down from the

Confident that he was alone, he pulled the wand out of his shirt and started
to study it closely. He turned and twisted the wand around trying to find out
why it felt so powerful when gripped. Cautiously he touched one of the runes
and slowly there came a faint shimmer on it. Frowning he touched another rune.
Another faint shimmer came on. On top of that he was positive that he heard a
silent hum coming from the shaft. He touched another rune. The humming grew
louder. Animated, he started to touch the rest of the runes with increasing
speed. Now all of the runes were glowing in different colours and the humming
was intense. So intense that Simon started to feel a little bit dizzy but
still he gripped the wand more tightly than ever. The humming was now more of
a roar and Simon saw it, yes he could now understand why there had been so
much raining lately. Yes, he could now understand everything. The roaring grew
ever louder and was now ringing in his ears and he was ready to throw up.
Subconsciously he made a wish that it hadn't been raining thus he hadn't found
the wand and toyed with it at the first place.

At that moment there was silence. A total and complete silence. Simon felt he
was falling. Falling fast... He was surrounded by total emptiness and then he
fell soundly asleep.

'Simon!', a voice called. Simon mumbled and turned in his sleep. 'Simon!' This
time the voice was more demanding. Simon startled and woke up, hearing his
father calling him for breakfast. Simon noticed that he was in the bed in his
own little room. He yawned and glanced around the room starting to get out of
the bed when he suddenly remembered.

The wand! Where is it? He jumped out of the bed and searched furiously for a
while. The wand was nowhere to be seen. He rummaged his bed inside - nothing.
He searched his clothes - still nothing. He ran from his room, past his father
who was in the kitchen, out of the house and straight to the place where the
muddy puddle had been.

The sun was shining and the birds were singing. There was not one thing
indicating that there had been such a constant pour of water in recent weeks.
Desperately Simon searched in vain for the puddle. There was none in sight.
Simon was getting anxious, had it all been just a dream? He looked around and
decided that it really must have been a dream. Suddenly smiling he thought
that it would've been too good to be true anyway. With a sigh he headed back
to the house calling his dad that he was coming for the breakfast.

...Meanwhile, a squirrel sniffed at a cold twig in the forest - a big pile of
acorns suddenly appeared from nowhere...