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Library: kizarwhovius


Author: axl
Date:Aug 8 2008

I must tell you a tale of high adventure.  It came from a time when 
the gods had scoured the world and from the cataclysm had risen a 
new world full of new evils, as well as the return of a great many old evils
awoken from the commotion.

The great wyrm kizarwexius had returned to the world with her minions and
taken refuge in a lonley mountain just north of the edge of the world..  It
was from this place that the evil dragon sucked the life from the moon and
absorbed the magic of the realm.

Few could stand to the waning of their magic, hoping that the forces nature
would bring back the moon and thus their power.  The great masters of Bat City
recognized the need to act, and thusly instilled all the last remaining magic
in the city into a vast collection of potions and wands designed specifically
to pray on the weaknesses of the moon dragon.

A call for hero's was put forth ... upon which to to bestow the hope of the
land.  But the call fell mostly on deaf ears.  From the thousands of great
minds and soldiers to walk the realm, only four had the courage to answer the

First came Sir Alvin, sent by the evil gods of the realm to cleanse the
upstart dragon from challenging their power.  No door was too complex for him
to open, no puzzle to difficult to solve and his mere touch could cause agony
in the strongest of beings.

The mighty Raunk rose to the challenge as well, the finest general the Crimson
guard had to offer.  Brandishing the sword freshly ripped from the cold dead
hands of the Grand Master Torturer, the shield taken from the steaming corpse
of Baal from the pits of hell, and donning the helmet of Narcuul himself.  His
battlecry could be heard across the realm.

The good goods also sent a champion in an unlikely form of someone fresh to
the realms.  Maribor the kind, glowing with the certainty that his faith would
guide him through even the darkest of paths.

Lastly from the depths of the forest, the Elven Archmage Axl arose.  Renowned
for his abilities with the freezing and suffocating arts, the only known
weaknesses of the Dragon.

Bestowed with the gifts of the realm, the 4 great heros set off to the
mountain to face the beast.  But watching from his mountain, he knew they were
coming, and sent a general of his own to face them.   Arrakas the lich, known
to have destroyed armies with his freezing gaze, and immune to the elements
the great wizard was known to possess.

But the dragon had made a collosal mistake, the evil lich was not immune to
the powers of evil themselves, and the torturous touch of Alvin, fueled with
the power of Burglefloogah himself brought Arrakas to his knees.  No mercy was
shown as Raunk then beheaded him with a sizzling slice of the Torso Maker.
Their next challenge was a maze of shifting walls, many hours were lost and
hope began to dwindle as the unlikely heros continued to wander almost

But the sounds of water led them to a waterfall deep within the mountain,
which glowed with the power of the moon.  This was the place where the foul
beast must be storing its ill gotten power.  Guarded by fell water beasts,
Raunk waded into battle, but every swing of his sword just split the monsters
in twain where they arose as double the threat.  Using a large portion of the
magic potion stock of the realm, the mighty Axl was able to shatter them all
with a ferocious Hailstorm.

The mighty heros tried every container they had, but none would survive
holding the powerful moonwater,  Until raunk removed his helmet and filled the
famous bergoine with the power of the moon.

The mighty band then delved deeper into the dark cave searching for the lair
of the beast itself.  Again hope continued to dwindle, but finally they came
to a door, upon which were 4 dials.  Alvins dextrous fingers flew across the
dials, but every time he solved the puzzle and made the door open, they would
spin and the door would close.

"You'll have to leave me here or you'll never make it out!" said Alvin "I'll
keep the door open for your escape, and keep the hoards off your back!"

They were now three as the Hero's advanced passed the door into the lair of
Kizarwexius the dragon.  

"This is the best the realm can offer is it" laughed the dragon "I don't think
you'll be getting out of here with that stolen moon water"

"se un sarki nyet" and she pointed at Raunks shield, causing it to vanish into
thin air.

The battle raged for 89 minutes Axl and Maribor using all the magical gifts
bestowed upon them by the collective might of Bat City, protected only by the
shieldless orc.  Axl drank the last potion... the cities last hope, and tossed
the bottle onto the pile of broken glass and snapped wands.  With one last
breath he sent a ray of ice straight for the moondragons heart, before
collapsing of exhaustion himself.  

That final ray shattered a scale, exposing a weak spot in the dragons
impenetrable armour, allowing Raunk to lunge forward and bury the mighty Torso
Maker through her chest and cutting her heart in twain.  

The mighty beast was slain, the dark shadow over the moon lifted, and magic
returned to the realms.