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Library: compilation part 3


Author: Pirotessa
Date:Jan 29 1997

q      Part 6 - Confrontation
Did the arrival and early departure (death) of this strange elf mean anything
at all, or was it just another random event in the endless weave of chaos?, I
thought to myself.  Maybe I ought to take up poetry, or art, or child-raising,
rather than killing my own kind.  Nah.  Those are so worthless.  Puzzled about
this now dead elf, the one who called himself "Christofer", I shrugged off the
feeling multiple times and finally settled down besides Anni for a night's

It wasn't very long before she'd picked up her furs, moved them over to where
I was half asleep, and then grabbed onto my body and curled up.  I wasn't at
all used to sleeping with anyone at all, so my first response was to whack her
with my hand, which woke me back up and startled both of us.  She looked at
me, quite upset, as if about to cry.

     "Mommy hit me...", she whined, turning around.
     "I was asleep.  Warn me next time.", I replied.
     Silently, she turned back around and curled up next to me.  I rolled over
on my back and softly grabbed her, moving her on top of my chest and then
laying her there and patting her back.  She hugged my back.  Strange, even
though I've never learned or done that before, I still know.  Motherly
instinct, I guess.
     "So mommy, what do we do tommorow?", she softly whispered.
     "Whatever.  Something you want to do?"
     She was silent for a second.  "Yeah, I always wanted to fly, mommy."
     "Air?  Nah, too difficult, sorrey.", I admitted, knowing it was beyond my
     "My Auntie, that I was staying with Mommy, she always got mad at me when
I tried.", she said, continuining, "and I sprained my ankle once while
     "That's not good.", I replied.
     "Auntie said I could do anything if I tried hard enough, and said
therefore I wasn't.", she told me softly.
     "There's some things you just can't do.", I retorted, moving her from on
top of me to next to me.
     "Like flying?"
     "Yeah.", I replied.

After that, I must have gone to sleep, I don't remember saying anything else.

Anni woke me up early in the morning.  "Mommy, this strange boy wanted to see
you.", she asserted, lightly hitting me to wake me up.
     When I got up, there was a kid from my old village.  Smart, I guess. 
They send a kid b'cos they know the worse I'll do is take him prisoner, rather
than kill him.  I yawned.
    "What do you want-", I asked in a monotone voice, doing my best to sound
     "Gaurdian...", he said, bowing.  I sneered at him.  "The elders have a-" 
The kid seemed a little shakey, he spoke in broken sentences.  "Proposal, a
proposal for you."
     I paused.  "So?", I asked.
     For a kid, we'll, I guess he didn't know better.  "It's like this.  The
people in the village, they are very... very scared without a guardian."
     "What's new?  Do you really need to tell me this?", I demanded. 
     "The people, they are begging for your return."  I yawned again.
     "Too bad.  They should learn what its like to fend for themselves.", I
told the boy firmly.
     "They'll all die.", he admitted, trying to seem upset.
     "No they won't.  Go away.", I demanded.  This was getting boring. 
     "Don't you-"  I interupted him again.
     "No, I don't give a damn."  Why should I.  They never took the time to
console me when my parents died, in fact they were glad b'cos it had awakened
     "Hear me out.", demanded the kid, a little more strongly.  What could
that former village have to offer? 
     "A demon attacked yesterday, and corrupted about one fifth of the
populace.  Fortunately, they're locked up in the wine cellar.  Raveesh
sacrificed himself to lure them in there.  However, its doubtful that...",
said the kid.  I began to ignore what he was saying.  I hate these long-winded
     "Sure, I'll kill them."  I said that without hesitation.
     "That's what they thought you'd say.  In return, the elders promise full
amnesty for all your past wrongdoings."
     "I don't care.  I'm not living there again.", I replied.  
     My kid had been silent all throughout, as if she was studying both me and
the boy talk.  But she suddenly moved over and grabbed my elbow, so I held her
     "And this.", said the boy, pausing for effect.  I frowned again at him.  
     "What did they give you?", I demanded out of curiousity.
     "All the candy I want for free, and a puppy."  We'll, that explains why
he's so eager.
     "Okay then.  Say what you're supposed to."  I guess they were right to
send a kid.
     "If you can beat the lead elder in a duel, then they'll all hand the
village over to you.  If you want, you can have all the children, and pets." 
I almost fell over, but I cleared my throat and regained my composure.
     As I smirked, my kid tugged at my arm.  I turned, and she started at me,
not saying anything.  There was an uneasy silence for a short while.
     "Anni, do you want any brothers or sisters?", I asked to break the
     She thought for a while, and rubbed her eyes.  "I think I'd like a little
brother, if he's cute.", she replied.  
     "Okay.", I said, turning back to the kid.  "And if he somehow managed to
win?  Then what?"
     "You have to be guardian again, until you can train someone else to be
guardian."  Hmm.  We'll how could I lose if I was the only one in the village
that knew how to fight.  
     "Okay, that's fine, but first I'll kill the people.", I told the kid,
turning around to gather up some stuff.  I got my sword, a stilletto, and a
few throwing knives and then seathed everything and got dressed and such.