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Library: Golden cube


Author: brurin
Date:Aug 26 2008

The sun was shining bright up in the sky.
Iron clang as the steampowered behemoth lumbered through the endless sand. 
Mechanised hands helping to balance the massive apparatus, as its legs
struggled to climb the dunes.

On top of the behemoth stood a halfling merchant, scouting the surroundings.
"Weyger!" shouted the halfling.
A small hatch popped open beside the halfling. A small greasy gnome appeared.
What sir?
"Tell Klemder to stop here." replied the halfling.
The gnome diseappeared inside the apparatus again. A few moments later the
pilot brought the thing to a halt.
The merchant peered through his monocular and smiled.
"Congratulations Weyger!" Shouted the halfling.
Weyger climbed up from inside the apparatus "Did you say something?"
"Almost there my friend. A few miles left. It would've taken us days to reach
here by conventional wagon. 
This thing of yours is well worth my money.";Weyger climbed back inside and
shouted "I told you so, sir!"
The apparatus started its voyage again.

The destination was a forgotten ruin of an ancient city at the desert in
northern lucentium. 
The rumour was that there would be a great treasure to be found there. Buried
under the sand and rubble.
Not just a rumour drove this merchant here however, only a fool would take
such venture based on hearsay,
he had spend many months in research of this place, spend countless hours in
various libraries 
and following often dangerous leads to find information about it.
Finally he was here.

The machine spewed a cloud of dark smoke as it stopped near some rock pillars
that still stood there.
The halfling jumped down from the back of the machine and surveyed the
drank some water from his canteen and took a look at his notes.
"Yup, looks like this is it." said the halfling to himself.

After a short search around the ruins he found a small trapdoor. 
A short labour later he managed to open it, lighting a torch he ventured in.

It was a small room, a study of somesort. There was a bookcase on the northern
filled with books many hundred years old. 
The air was filled with dust as he threw uninteresting books on the floor
trying to find something of interest.
Soon, there it was. A small black notebook, the writing was almost worn out.
Some of it was readable however. 
Simple instructions.
He paused for a moment, then remembered, 
there should be a hand painted somewhere on the floor, according to the
information he had.
Not a complete hand, but some white paint was still on this one spot on the
"Yes, everything is correct." he thought, and climbed back on the surface.

"Weyger!" he shouted. "Throw me the backpack"

"The special one, sir?"

"Yes." replied the halfling "You sure this works then?"

"Should." confirmed Weyger as he threw him the peculiar looking backpack.

The halfling strapped the backpack on his back and climbed back inside the

The halfling kneels on the floor and places his hand over where the painted
hand used to be, 
slight push and suddenly reality snaps and he vanishes.
He appears some miles above the ruins, but he seems to be floating. 
Theres a small golden cube infront of him.
Without hesitation he grabs the cube, some sparks fly off from it. 
Whatever magic made him impervious to gravity suddenly stopped and he started
to fall.

Weyger squints his eyes as he watches the sky. 
Suddenly he sees some movement in the distance, hops on the back of the
behemoth and tells Klemder to start the engines.

They arrive at a sad sight. The halfling had fallen to his death. The backpack
on his back was filled with small rocks.

Weyger walks to the corpse and takes the golden cube from halflings hand and
says "... I quess ... it didnt work."