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Library: Deardil tum bin


Author: merja
Date:Aug 29 2008

Why does the wind blow?
It wipes the tracks where we have passed
So that no one can tell whether we exist...

For wanted Moonlight, the Heart can not rest
And chords of Piano melt away your loneliness, Chanda, (Moon)
Fading your net of Stars, dreams, into my darkest corner
Where I hold you closely, breathing into your ears...

Chanda, Chanda tell me again what it feels like
Years of making love with the Sun every day,
For even together your time ceases
As she fails to guide us through the blackest nights.

Veiled eyes of Chanda, kohl upon your numb lips,
Is it then that Faith becomes your worship?
Or is this just the tail of an elephant in the predawn
Before your Mind is strong enough to unsplit what's long gone?
For so long you have divided the diamond wells
Of your Saharan Heart, gorded well and strong,
Tie me to the tree with your single knee,
And join me in the ocean swells, bound breast to breast,
Quality of love which stands tum bin test.

If I am a voice then you are my song,
How then do I say that I love you
When I am gone? And the Wind
Carries me on my path to the One.
Where are you? It asks, to No one.
Where have you been? The song
As it fades into the stars of falling
Night smile gently. Sad embers
Dying like our bond of friendship.
Smothered without room to breathe.
Without you, my heart neither wakes
Nor sleeps. I do not know how
Love started, or when. I know not
Why the heart asks for you
When it sings.

Dil (the Heart's) reply

I know that Tum bin (without you) my days would be long
Nights would cast shadows upon those days
I would travel through darkest nights to find comfort
I would struggle through deserts to find the water wells
The stars at night will tell me tales
They will testify our faith and will remind me of the moonlights
The sun during long days would want me to discontinue my journeys
The nights would cast dark fear towards my lost destination
Suddenly surroundings will be forgotten and the journeys will be halted
Expectations would be delayed concerns would be gone
Tears will fill up my thirst my blood will boil
Vast deserts of planets would seem nothing but soil
Remembrance of God and my Jaana (Beloved) would burn me like fire
Thought of God would awaken my mind
For I had been so selfish. But might's right
God's love inside me has overgrown
There is more than may beloved upon which I should mourn
Evil, slavery, poverty, sickness...
The hell on earth has it surrounded
For sake of others shall now I live
Prove to myself that I can and I will
My tasks are greater than my lover ypon I have cried
My desires are more but responsibilities lie
No I haven't become unfaithful or forgotten my Sanam (Beloved)
My destination is Mirage yet I know...