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Library: Three Characteristics of Existence


Author: merja
Date:Sep 20 2008

1) Transiency (anicca)  <mutare-change> <brevis-short low superficial>
2) Sorrow (dukkha) <maestilia, agrimonia-grief sorrow sadness>
3) Selflessness (anatta) <non-ego>

NON-EGO      fal.ling leaf e.xists      <presence, stillness/inaction-nonaction
 = selflessness>
          one in.stance of the still.ness
       be.tween o.pen space.

AGRIMONIA     to know si.lence
        Stone Mai.den'.s breast is warm

       Or.ion sub.sists
    ter.ra,, as.ter., nox   <earth, humans, stars, night>
Sol sing.s, I* die.

*Good to keep "I" because 1. I is Ego, 2. I is personal, and hopefully the
reader with identify with it.

Nullus posse ego.

(ens rationis) ergo (then) sum cognito
(thinkest thou existence doth depend on time?  ~Byron)
(sum/be then)