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Author: merja
Date:Sep 21 2008

First you will plan, then, second you will implement, and finally you will
evaluate your goals for success.

The Byrd reasoning model antipates your goals through use of the vision. You 
create your vision, developing a visual motivational crew for your future
endeavour. You value the congruance to motivate and complete the mission. By
empowering you share your powers without losing yourself to these other
workers. This shows a compromise of mature self-understanding. Always invest
into the Rational. Look and find, evaulate, negotiate, and communicate.

PRINGLE upon Leadership: "When soldiers are off duty, they sleep too much,
which enervates the body and renders it more subject to diseases."

(economic) Real people satisce too much. That is, they settle for something
less than te maximum and optimum goals, objectives, or monetary levels.

Differing learning styles include: trial and error, modelling, and
intermediary processing. People can effectively learn new behaviours by
exposure to a proper role model.

>>Believe it or not, this was not set by the Dalai Lama.<<