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Library: What Love my Grandma Gives


Author: merja
Date:Sep 21 2008

Pink guaze skirt flows softly in the wind
A pink frilled half-top above the brown belly
Soft blonde hair shimmers golden in the light
And she's been rambling in the attic all day.
Her smile is so big when she finds the shoes:
Metallic golden high heels glittering magically alive
Permission is granted, and chic sunglasses follow.
Treasure trove necklace, add several bangle bracelets
Looking in the mirror, the little sar is happy.

Walking out of the bedroom she is eager to show off.
A picture! Grandma goes to get her camera
It is the Polaroid that dries in a few minutes.
Propping the girl by the door, she says, "Say Cheese!"
Though it has been years since that particular photo flashed,
Whenever I look through my cache upstairs,
Warm memories and smiles flood emotionally
Sometimes tears fall for those days fone by
Yet always I remember what love my grandma gives.