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Library: The Deepest Desire


Author: merja
Date:Sep 21 2008

Would love to possess
Holding on now...

Wrapping warm arms surrounding
And holding on tight
Breast to breast
Encircling arms
Around my entire body,

Close these eyes, mine.

In times of lesser faith
Mortality it comes close
Yet the foremost desire, Deepest that it is
And beyond still my grasp
I strive harder for all others.

When thinking, thinking, thinking stress is here
And all trials of life lie yet stones in the path
I just want to close my eyes, for that ever, ever after
And to snuggle within the warm arms of his security.
Let these sore muscles rest,
And lie in utter content, respite, regardless
Of whatever is said or denied.
Someone who is so gentle in return...
Warm so as butter to melt
My cold, frustrated, anad misguided heart;
To let my inner tumult subside.

1996 December.