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Library: Something New


Author: merja
Date:Sep 21 2008

you called to him again
you made him to see you
the dreams of his at night repeating
your breaking up scene again and again
all mindwashings made up by you.
you sent him secret messages through hallowed halls
you reignited those images inside
to burn within him so he would yearn for you
when all he did was to lay with me.
you had it all worked out.
but miraculous did it appear
when you showed up again
and breathed his name into his own ear
then he was all yours for the taking, easily.

and how do you know just how this feels?
you think that love is something new
you still think that it should have been you...
yet if life were half the joy your profess
why is it to me that he comes to confess?
you think that your life is good enough
do you really think that you are good enough?
no one ever gave his claims unto you.

Sept 1998.