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Library: Day Loose in Utrecht


Author: merja
Date:Sep 21 2008

I'm staring at the bird in mid-flight
it's wings arched like a painting
where the sun catches the glory
with a Rembrandt skyline,
and each detailed feather
telling a story of...

she is looking at me again
I must respond. Be normal.
Trying to pretend like
I'm actually awake.
I finally react.

craming my mouth
with a big bite of food
as large as the canvas
on which the Nightwatch
was burned with acid,
but it was just sitting there,
locked up in a museum always
with the dust gathering, and the people
who really wanted to see
the Manneke Piss
but got stuck in Schiphol
this Christmas.

hey now we are walking
by the troubadours downtown
I'm looking at this guy
he is fast, his drums are loud
there is a rhythm in the air
as we go through the market square.