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Library: Take Yourself Out of this World, for Me.


Author: merja
Date:Sep 24 2008

Take yourself out of this World, for Me.
Let us count upon one hand the name of Love.
When the leaves of Autumn whirlwind through our Mind
The whisper of Longing creeps through our Heart
And joined to You, we speak of Summer's lingering warmth
As we prepare for the Gift.
The World will demand that you cultivate Ego
But I want only what's best for You.
In your dreams I am the furnace of Fire
Flames burning hot and true for your Love.
My Dear Child, when you swim the Sea of Certainty
None above me close enough to Safeguard your Life,
I will bear and propel you through success and trial.
For You, I take myself out of this World,
Accept the Veil, Tearing restraint from my Soul to weave the Blanket
of my Beloved, also a part of myself, also lost into the self beyond,
which you are.
Into the arms of Sanam, gentle is the name of Mercy, Yours.
Your Love, the name of our Guardian forever.
And you will no longer bear Witness Winter's Chill
Nor endless darkness of Lost SOuls, Frozen Ascent into the Fathomless Self.
Believe in the Guardian, Shield of Sufficiency against Suffering.
Remove yourself from the World, and plant the Seed
In your Heart's Eye, Dear Child, is the Vision from God.

DilAli DC.