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Library: Stefan and the legendary shirt of the Valheru God


Author: stefan
Date:Oct 21 2008

This is the story of how Stefan Gyllenhammer finally got his hands on a very
expensive piece of equipment and his very best friend made it all disappear 
in the blink of an eye.

The year is 2001 and tension is running high in the "Erimaankielenpuhumista"
guildroom. The guild-leaders have decided that it is high time to kill the
valheru God, who goes by the name of Inra. Stefan, at the time a rather
inexperienced duck mage, with only some knowledge of the secretive conjurers
guild was by all accounts an inferior member of any group. Be aware that this
was before the great revolution of the mages in the new world, and the road to
knowledge was still very simple and straightforward, but despite this Stefan
had not advanced very far, he was, by all accounts a very mediocre member. 

He hadnt amassed much gear neither, from head to toe he was equipped with very
common magical items, not granting any of the bonuses his partners in the
secret society enjoyed. Easy does it he thought, "I'll get there, I just need
a lucky break, after that I'll start the road towards eternity. I'll get

The break came sooner than he thought.

After careful consideration the guildleaders of Erimaankielenpuhumista decided
that Stefan would be allowed to join in slaying the valheru God, but only if
he stayed silent and didnt ask too many questions about the process of killing
Gods, such knowledge in the hands of simple mages was not favourable.

And silent he stayed. When ordered he faithfully chanted forth Golden arrows,
one of the two competent spells he possessed. The other beeing an acidic
blast, but apart from that he was vastly inferiour to all the other members. 

He did however inform his best friend, the tinmen warrior Cran that he would
be out of town for a while on adventures and got some comfort from his support
and pep-talks.

The journey towards the Valheru God progressed nicely due to competent
leadership, items were collected, crystal hearts, screaming skulls and holy
water and many more items that Stefan never had encountered before. But this
was no time for questions, "just stay silent and call forth your Golden arrows
and acid blasts. just arrows and blasts, no questions..."

The party made its way towards the tower itself, and within the hour made
contact with Inra. Our Commander made good use of the items collected earlier
and brought Inra to its knees early on, but then the struggle got harder,
party members were turned to frogs, equipment was battered and many died. But
finally the killing blow was dealt and Inra fell. Never before had Stefan
taken part in killing something or someone this big. This was a new all-time
high. This was the break he'd been hoping for.

And it got better from here. The leader called for a simple dicing to divide
the loot amongst the party members. A simple diceroll!?

Stefan was baffled, how could you possbile be this ignorant in deciding the
faith of equipment worth millions? Millions of gold, decided by a simple

But he stayed silent, no questions remember? No questions.

Stefan froze when it was his turn to roll the dice. The adventure and the
legendary killing of Inra had been enough of a reward, this was just a
bonus... if I'm lucky.... when the dice stopped it said "98". Highest so far,
and almots unbeatable with two members left to cast.

Noone threw a higher number and Stefan was all of a sudden the owner of a
famous Inra-shirt, a shirt known for its defensive capabilites and cool emotes
when wearing. Street value at that time was thought be around 2,5-3m gold
coins. more than four times the value of everything Stefan had amassed so far
in his life. Incredible.

The very next day he sat in his room and wondered what to do with his new and
surprising wealth. Sell it? "No, there is a very good possibility that 
I'll never get my hands on anything like this again. I have to keep it.". But
since Stefan was a mage, he had very little use for the legendary shirt and
for a few weeks it stayed tucked away in his chest, before he one day decided
to make his friend Cran happy by lending it to him. Cran, beeing a tinmen
warrior, would make good use of the shirt.

Cran, beeing a very generous gentleman, wanted to repay Stefan by atleast
repairing it up to awesome condition and put protective spells on it before
using it, and with that the story took a very unexpected turn.

Cran searched for a merchant to do the repair, and a fellow named Ropic
offered his services. But little did Cran know Ropic at the time was using a
skill called blacksmithing, and the targets for his skill was a vest and a
shirt. And as soon as Cran had dropped the famous Inra-shirt to Ropic, his
skill went off.

The shirt was turned into a torch.

A torch.

A few days later, Ropic sent Stefan and Cran a mail with the title

"I don't know if you have spoken to Cran already but the truth is that I
destroyed a piece of equipment that belonged to you. Cran wanted me to prot
four items for him. I was waiting in the armoury and blacksmithing. I was
concentrating on use blacksmithing at shirt and vest. Then Cran came in and
gave me four piece of equipment, which one was the a striking liquid metal
shirt (fashion). Just then the skill went off and the shirt turned in to a
torch. I have only the log to prove this. I do not know how to repay you. I
have equipment and chests that are worth over 500k but that is all at the
moment. This was all terribly bad luck and I am really sorry. I hope you will
bear in mind that there wasn't much I could do to stop this. Please tell me
any way how to solve this."

With Stefan and Cran beeing perfect gentlemen and fully aware that behind this
debacle was a honest mistake and an unfortunate case of very bad luck  struck
a deal with Ropic and confiscated everything he owned, totalling about 700.000
goldcoins, and with that they went their way towards new adventures and Ropic
decided to stop playing since he lost everything. Pity.

Cran and Stefen eventually rose through the ranks and gathered untold amounts
of gold and experience. And Stefan got a valuable lesson out of all this,
never get too attached to your equipment in this world, they vanish easily.